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  • The Importance Of Air Quality In Toronto

    In 2013, air pollution has been characterized by the WHO as the “most widespread environmental carcinogen” (IARC, 2013). For Torontonians, the problem regarding air quality is also a big challenge upfront. Although the overall air quality has been improved for recent years, Toronto still sees over a thousand premature deaths and over three thousand hospitalization due to respiratory diseases every year. (Toronto 's Vital Signs, 2015) Moreover, Dr. David McKeown (2007), Toronto medical officer of…

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  • How To Reduce Air Pollution In California

    daily basis and what kind of danger that might hurt them. I also can help reduce air pollution by driving a hybrid or electric vehicle which I don’t really like but it will worth it in a long run and I hope the government should be more strictly on smog check on…

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  • Cost Benefit Analysis: The Department Of Air Quality Standards

    Cost Benefit Analysis The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) in every state has a program that focuses on attaining and maintaining air quality standards with the finality of reducing the factors that could potentially affect a person’s health. Oregon has adopted regulations from neighboring states such as California, as they have had more experience and knowledge in alternative ways for reducing air pollutants. Part of that transition has been to develop and enforce Low Emission Vehicle…

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  • Air Quality Index Case Study

    is also home to the Port of Oakland, ranked in 2013 as the fifth busiest container port in the United States. California’s freight system, which includes maritime shipping, is the “…single largest contributor of diesel particulate matter (soot) and smog-forming nitrogen-oxide emissions in the state” (UCS, 2014, p.…

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  • Role Of Water Pollution In China

    Chinese Air and Water Pollution Crisis Throughout the past few centuries, air and water pollution have been known to be the hazardous byproducts of industrialization. During the early stages of the industrial revolution, both Europe and America experienced episodes of severe health and environmental issues. Ever since then, there have been many legal actions taken to significantly reduce the amount of air pollutant each country produces. However, some countries such as China and India do not…

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  • Importance Of Food Packaging

    Some of the very first food packaging materials were animal skin, leaves, nuts or wood. Hunters and gatherers used every part of the animals that they killed and recycled the leftovers. As civilizations advanced, their methods of packaging did as well. Depending on where people lived, some people had woven sacks and baskets while others made clay pots and bowls. They were able to store food for later use during harsh conditions such as a drought or winter. Then commerce introduced new packaging…

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  • Theories Of Health Education

    Health Education: From Theory to Practice Oxygen is one of the most essential and vital requirements for human existence. Other basic components for survival such as eating, drinking, and sleeping are crucial, but without the breath of life and the simple act of inspiration, which fills our lungs and blood with oxygen, nothing becomes more basic and necessary for life. We will be assessing the needs and the issues related to clean air and the respiratory health issue of asthmatic children living…

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  • The Importance Of Air Pollution In Beijing, China

    You are getting ready to go outside and start your day until you realize its grey outside and you don’t know what it is until you step outside to check it out. Then as soon as you step outside you start coughing like you smoked a pack of cigarettes. This problem is affecting the people that live in Beijing, China of all ages from the elder to the young babies. “The worsening air pollution has already exacted a significant economic toll, grounding flights, closing highways and keeping tourists at…

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  • The Importance Of Air Pollution In The Philippines

    Air Pollution is considered as one of the major contributing factors of the degradation of Mother Earth, and for the Philippines every waking day of a person’s life the matter of ‘gas’ is a part of it. According to an article Source of Air pollution "By inhaling a large amount of air pollution in one’s body system, it can cause serious diseases and in worst case scenarios can lead to death" (2013, par. 1). Having a tainted air that every living organisms, including the humans that are breathing.…

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  • Outdoor Air Pollution: Acute Lower Respiratory Illness

    Air pollution is the primary reason of why many adults and children suffer from several respiratory illnesses. The outdoor air pollution is not only man-made but nature has a role in it. Millions of people die or are diagnosed with diseases that could be acute or chronic. There are ways to save lives with simple steps that could be impactful. It could be complicated because of all the political and economic value tied into it, but there is always a way to make change possible.…

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