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  • Essay On The Role Of Air Pollution In China

    I have reviewed some scholarly articles on health effects of air pollution in China, and these articles have obtained vital information relating to these issues. In China, the air quality has been a major concern for many of the people. This essay will focus on three components: sources contributed to air pollution, the potential hazard and recovery. China’s economy has a tremendous impact on the environment, as the Chinese population increases, the country in demand for resources. People are…

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  • Air Pollution In New England Essay

    Air pollution has been a growing concern in the New England area over the past few decades. Air pollution can come from many different sources including stationary sources like factories and power plants, mobile sources like vehicles, agricultural sources found from gassy animals and their waste products, as well as natural sources like wildfires, dust storms and other natural occurrences. Various cities around New England have identified the sources that are contributing to the air pollution…

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  • Pm 2.5 Research Paper

    As we have already realized, in our industrial world, human beings’ activities have caused many damages to the environment. Air pollution is one of the biggest pollution of industrial pollution, and PM 2.5 is a very important indicator of air pollution. Specifically, PM 2.5 is the particulate matter which less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter. More vivid to show how small PM 2.5 is, a picture from United States Environmental Protection Agency shows the diameter of a PM 2.5 particulates is much…

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  • Effects Of Air Pollution In India

    affected the health of the surrounding populations. The increased levels of premature morbidity and mortality for all residents. With historic smog and PM2.5 levels, the population of New Delhi is at risk of developing various chronic and acute respiratory and cardiovascular conditions. Air pollution is particularly damaging to sensitive populations, such as children, older individuals, and individuals…

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  • Air Pollution In California

    The Central Valley has played an important role in California being the strongest economic state in the country. The Central Valley, which population centers comprise of Fresno, Clovis, Modesto, and Visalia, have contributed substantially to California’s economy by being one of its leading agricultural producers. In contrast to its city-orientated “brother” in south California, or the “Bay area,” the Central Valley does not typically have busy streets, tall buildings, sandy beaches, and…

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  • The Importance Of Air Pollution In Canada

    Air pollution started getting real noticeable after more and more factors were being built every day. With over 100,000 factores just in Canada you can see why air pollution is a big factor for how are air quality is. This will affect people's health because we will be breathing air that has been contaminated. This can also affect the society because alerts will go out telling people that it's not safe to go outside. It's not just factors that are polluting the air, it's us humans that are…

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  • The Consequences Of Air Pollution In China

    pollution in China looks like these days: a grayish, soupy mixture that renders buildings, streets, and people. Many pictures taken in China show people walking through thick fog with surgical masks. Surgical masks ‘protect’ citizens from the hazardous smog. In fact, wearing masks in China is becoming fashion now. Millions of people in China are breathing a hazardous cocktail of chemicals every day. These chemicals are caused by coal-fired power plants, factories and vehicles, and are…

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  • The Role Of Migration In Australia

    Since World War II that ended in 1965, more than two million migrants have entered Australia (, 2014). In 1947, the number of migrations was approximately 250,000 and in 2009 there was a rapid increase of migrants to approximately 450,000 (J. Shu et al- See Figure 1). Betts (2010) states that Australia has an ongoing referendum of individual’s attitudes towards the amount of migrants coming into the country. Although statistics show that majority of individuals…

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  • Essay On California Central Valley Air Pollution

    The state of California is driven by high productivity, the demand to produce and deliver makes air pollution inevitable. Air pollution is caused by air gasses that emit into the atmosphere, ultimately contaminating the air. The central valley of California is notorious for poor air quality, it has even been referred to as ‘America’s toxic agricultural capital’ (Leslie, 2010). The California Central Valley is greatly focused on agriculture, it is filled with farmers who rely heavily on their…

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  • Air Pollution And Lung Cancer

    Air Pollution Most people died from lung cancer because of their unhealthy habits; however, nowadays more people suffer from this malignant disease regardless of their lifestyle. This is due to the widespread of environmental problems, especially air pollution, which is produced by pollutants including sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and particulate matters (such as PM2.5 and PM10). “Each 10-µg/m3 of pollutants was associated with approximately ... 8% increased risk of lung…

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