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  • Fire Symbolism In Lord Of The Flies

    everything in it’s path. Wildfires have destroyed homes and cities within days. A fire can represent two ideas: civilization and savagery. William Golding explains these ideas in The Lord of the Flies. He shows that the fire the boys use for a rescue signal, can also destroy or kill if it is given the chance. Although Golding has several symbols he applies to convey his message, he uses fire to express civilization to counterpart the idea of savagery. In The Lord of the Flies, Ralph makes it…

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  • Counter Culture Analysis

    In this article, the author gathers information on gang members from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, digging deeper into the lives of gangs. The author also gives us a new perspective by adding in many unexpected and surprising statements, including: “The pain,” he said, “seems a small price for a new life. I dream of being clean, even if it means being scarred.” (Quoted by gang member Christian Antunez during a tattoo removal process). By giving us a clear dominant and counter…

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  • Essay About Gangs

    1.) There are many reasons why youths may seek out gang involvement. Many gangs offer youth a sense of belonging, via acceptance and gang loyalty which was crucial in the videos. Gangs can provide an identity for their members and a way to acquire a status. This is an attribute to the Social Disorganization/ Sociocultural View according to the text. Using chapter 8 to help guide this point is, children with weak to no ties toward their families, community and or religion may channel their energy…

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  • The Future Of Geospatial Intelligence

    Intelligence), which consists of photography or snapshots taken by satellites or reconnaissance planes; MASINT (Measurement and Signature Intelligence), which tracks emissions or “signatures” issued by weapons such as missiles or nuclear warheads; SIGINT (Signals Intelligence), information derived from intercepted electronic communications such as phones, personal computers or radar; HUMINT (Human Intelligence or Espionage)—which is sometimes viewed as the world’s “second oldest profession”…

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  • Modal Analysis Essay

    System identification techniques: Extraction of the modal parameters from the response of the structure to vibration is an important step in SHM. Firstly, it gives to the engineers information about real dynamic behaviour of the structure. Secondly, designed model of the structure using computing technologies, FEM model, may be validated and optimized through comparison analytical and experimental modal parameters. The procedure developing the mathematical model of the structure on the basis of…

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  • Cause Of Gang Crimes

    Crime and gangs go hand in hand. They’ve existed for hundreds of years and will be here hundreds of years from now. The earliest gangs date back to the 1600s when the Italian mafia were established and in the 1800s for the Chinese Triads. Surprisingly, the two have more in common than one may conceive. Both groups originated because of resistance within their countries. The Italian mafia initiated while Sicily was still under the rule of Spain and the Chinese Triad’s during the anti-Manchu…

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  • Grapeville High School: A Short Story

    CHAPTER ONE: Roman’s Speech It had been a hectic day in school today for the young Grapes of Grapeville High School. The students had just closed for the day. Young Grapes spilled out of the front and side doors of the various classrooms in the school. You could see them trooping out of the school gate in large numbers; all of them talking excitedly. It was obvious from their countenances that they were all happy to call it a day as regards to academic activities and head to their various…

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  • Case Study Of Fuzzy Inference System

    2.10.1 Fuzzy Inference System (FIS) Fuzzy set theory explain this technique to enhance an image of handwritten scripts and for an edge detection of wrist X-ray images. In the case of the contrast enhancement process of an image, the Fuzzy set also seen as a collection of membership functions, where each represents how much degree of corresponding grayscale pixels is possible to be “bright”. In other words, a Fuzzy membership value of the image Fuzzy set can be understood as the degree of…

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  • Effects Of Group Size

    A. Formal Organization. (Pg. 175) Secondary groups designed to achieve explicit objectives. These gangs are very intricate but also seem very disoriented. While a majority of the gangsters are low level runners, there’s more control as you go up the ranks. Someone could be a drug runner, then get promoted to maybe making the drugs instead. This formal type of organization is which enables this gang to function. Its not as much of a formal organization but it is essentially organized crime. While…

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  • Broken Window Theory Of Crime

    Why is crime such a large part of our everyday society? Since the beginning of time, crime has been a large part of history, which gradually increased throughout the years, and continues today in everyday life. Crime is something that is caused by either force, impulse, fun, accident, or environmental factors. Some people have been raised since childhood in areas where crime rates were at a high and this may have compelled them to follow a negative figure, thus resulting in that person…

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