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  • Shameless 'Pilgrims Intended' Analysis

    At the beginning of last semester, I started watching Shameless. Shameless, created by Paul Abbott and developed by John Wells, stars William Macy and Emmy Rossum. The series is successfully able to interpolate its audience and is successfully able to relate to people. The series focuses on many issues within the Gallagher family and messages can easily be perceived through interpolation, cultural analysis, queer analysis, rhetoric and Stuart Hall’s Encoding and Decoding essay. The “Just as the Pilgrims Intended” episode brings out a lot of these theories. The goal of this analysis is ultimately to inform readers that the media they are witnesses to everyday appear symbolically in their everyday lives. Although a lot of the situations the Gallagher’s…

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  • Shameless Love

    Yeah, they should get at least one gay person to write or get it through that they need more explicit gay scenes. That would be funny if the guys actually got hard even though they say they’re straight. Cause if it’s very intense and sexual you never know it might do something for them. QAF definitely focuses on relationships and gay men while Shameless is a bunch of parallels - to the other characters story -, marriages, and babies. Like how Liam got into Fiona’s coke and went to jail while Ian…

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  • Stigma In Shameless

    Shameless is characterized by lacking any sense of shame. The Showtime television series, Shameless, is a reoccurring accurate depiction of this very word. The American television series is a remake of the hit British comedy also named “Shameless”, produced in Los Angeles of the city of Chicago. The television show has a provocative yet compelling storyline. The television series depicts the dysfunctional family of Frank Gallagher. Frank is a single father of six children. He spends his days…

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  • Addiction In Shameless

    It has become a trend for screenwriters and movie producers to incorporate mental disorders throughout their works, whether it be for entertainment, thrill, or just to show society that their lives are not as screwed up as others. Coming across a movie or show with that incorporation is not a hard find; in fact, the majority of top cinematic works include some type of mental disorder. Some works, make the disorder apparent from the get-go, while others may make the viewer unaware until a turning…

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  • The Show Shameless Analysis

    The Show Shameless is about a family that lives in Chicago, and the father of six kids is a constant drunk, looking for his next drink or drugs. After Liam, the youngest of the kids was born, their mother, Monica Gallagher ran off leaving the kids in Frank Gallagher’s position, the father. But with him being constantly drunk and or even high, the eldest of the kids, Fiona Gallagher is pushed into being a parent for the kids so they are not put into foster care. Over the course of the show, the…

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  • Shameless Character Analysis

    Folklore are beliefs and ideas that are constantly changing throughout television or any source of media because Shameless was created by Paul Abbott, it is a comedy-drama remake based on the British series. The show centers on a dysfunctional family which consists of six siblings of Chicago, Illinois who struggle with their alcoholic father and estranged mother. Although many reality television shows exist to follow standard entertainment, Shameless can be argued as a modern folklore. The show,…

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  • Shamelessness In Showtime's Shameless

    lla Rutkowski As ShowTime’s Shameless showrunner John Wells mentions, “We have a comedic tradition of making fun of the people in those worlds. The reality is that these people aren’t ‘the other’ - they’re people who live four blocks down from you and two blocks over” (Rochlin, 2010). This comedy drama TV series takes place in Southside Chicago depicting a flawed family of Frank Gallagher, an alcoholic, drug addict, and crime committing father of six and a bipolar wife. While Frank selfishlessly…

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  • Shameless: The Stereotypes Of The Poor Class?

    The TV series Shameless is based on working class family that lives on the South Side of Chicago. The show is based off the dramatic and chaotic life of the Gallagher family. The family of six children depend on the oldest sister, Fiona, to take care of the family due to the absence of the mother and their incapable alcoholic father who comes and goes as he pleases. The unstable family has to cope with the struggles faced with little money and learn how to take care of themselves and also each…

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  • Indiscriminate And Shameless Sex Analysis

    Reflection #11 Summary of readings In the reading, Indiscriminate and Shameless Sex: The Strategic Use of Sexuality by the United Farm Workers, Ana Raquel Minian argues that the United Farm Worker movement challenged the unfair economic system through a heteronormative discourse on respectability. Minian shows how the UFW’s discourse suppressed and rejected anyone that did not fit the image of what the UFW wanted to portray. The UFW wanted to depict the farm workers as members of society who…

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  • Personal Narrative-Getting Shameless About Easter

    Getting Shameless About Easter One Easter I dressed as a giant yellow chicken and scared a toddler close to death on the streets of London. It seemed like a good idea at the time. The concept was that a giant chicken giving out chocolate eggs to the children of London would create good vibes towards our church and spread a feel-good Easter message. My team and I bought a few hundred eggs, and I climbed into a professional chicken mascot costume. Y’know, it’s great being a chicken and I’d…

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