Shameless Love

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Wow! What the fuck…in no way, shape, or form was that sex scene funny that bitch is straight up stupid. Honestly, regardless of my dislike of Ian I still felt his pain while he was doing that. I wonder if he orgasmed? He didn’t even use a condom from my view point. Dumbass. I feel that realistically he would’ve stopped considering after having her rotten vagina (apparently) in his face he already would’ve been like “Nope. Nope. Done.” But nahh the writer wanted the show to go on.

I agree with what you said about Trevor. I strongly believe that Ian needs to understand that out of all the gay men we’ve seen he’s had it the easiest. His family instantly accepted him for who he is (even though Lip had Karen suck his dick just to make sure Ian
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Yeah, they should get at least one gay person to write or get it through that they need more explicit gay scenes. That would be funny if the guys actually got hard even though they say they’re straight. Cause if it’s very intense and sexual you never know it might do something for them. QAF definitely focuses on relationships and gay men while Shameless is a bunch of parallels - to the other characters story -, marriages, and babies. Like how Liam got into Fiona’s coke and went to jail while Ian stole a baby and went to jail. Different reasons as to why they when to jail but similar in the fact that it had to do with a baby. People want Mickey and Ian to get married while I’m like “Huh? They aren’t even together and Ian isn’t feeling Mickey so unless they pull a Fiona and Gus move that shit ain’t happening. Mickey breaking out of prison…how? He’s gonna carve a hole through concrete with a spoon? Sneak out while there’s a riot? I hope that’s not how he gets out. They just need to have him get out on the fact that have no evidence as to what he did to Sammy. Ian runs off with him? HAHA! So out of place and such bullshit. Mhm, I can just see them having Mickey shot or shanked in the bathroom by someone. Ugh, and then Ian starts whining about the way he treated him realizing that he’s a piece of shit. It’s so unneeded if it …show more content…
How is your mother masculine? Short hair, muscles, guy clothes? I had a male/female classmate who liked to be called Sabrina and wear nail polish, and I think he/she wore a skirt. I wasn’t sure if he/she was transgender – he/she clearly might have been – I was never around him/her long enough to see if he/she likes being referred to as a female because I would usually leave the class in the middle of another to go to a different class and then after go to the classroom I left but he/she would’ve already went to a different one and then we only had one more class at the end of the day but I’m a quiet person so unless I’m spoken to – in real life – I don’t usually interact with people. The only time someone said anything about his appearance of his name change – a guy I was friends with – was only because they had beef with each other but otherwise he didn’t in general have a problem with gays and transgender people. At my school nobody gave a fuck about what anyone was doing or looked like they basically had this “Don’t fuck with me in a disrespectful way and I won’t fuck with you.” Type of mentally to my full

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