Narrative Essay On Being Transgender

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“I will not let my days slip away, I will stand up on to feet, and I’ll be complete.” ~Blixemi

It all started when I was in second or third grade. I always seemed different and off from most girls and had a lot of friends that were female, which was normal in elementary, to have same-gender friends. Though I had so many friends to play with, I always seemed to wander to where the boys hung out. Usually, I would mess around with my younger brother’s friends. We would play in the mud, build sand forts, roughhouse, and make tiny boats out of leaves and sticks. When I did play with the girls, we would always play “house” and when we did I’d almost always be a boy. The private school that I attended required uniforms, so everybody wore
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I was getting kind of frustrated with her constantly talking about being transgender and not even knowing what she was talking about, so I decided to test her. “Hey, Cheyenne, do you know what dysphoria means?” I asked her.
“Um, I don’t know long words.” She responded nervously. That was the final straw I thought I was burning with rage. You can’t be transgender if you don’t even know what gender dysphoria is. Gender dysphoria is the distress a person feels as a result of the gender they were born with. In this case, the person’s biological gender doesn’t match their gender identity, making that person transgender. I immediately ran to Mason and told him everything and he was infuriated. We both decided that she wasn’t really transgender and we would call her by her real name despite her preferences.
Very recently we were all in language class and Cheyenne was getting mad at Christian for not calling her Matthew and began cutting her wrists with a pencil. She most likely doesn’t understand how hard it is for people who have always known her by a certain name, to call her something else out of the blue. It takes time and effort. When we went to asap that day, she was drawing a noose in her sketchbook and then she just left. So our friend group sat and discussed everything that was going on with her, then I happened to let everything about me slip, luckily for me, this time they weren’t confused or angry and I finally felt like I belonged

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