Challenges Of Transgender Students On College Campuses

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This research examines the challenges of transgender students on college campuses. Once discovering the challenges of the transgender students on college campuses, I found Two theories, the University of Tennessee theory and “Dear Colleague” letter theory, helped me that would help me develop my own theory on accommodating transgender college students. I first had to clearly understand the term transgender and terms related to it; such as gender identity, sexual orientation, hormonal therapy, and gender reassignment. A significant finding of this study was the contradictory theories. The University of Tennessee theory contradict its self because they want to avoid offending transgender but using terms like “xe” and “ze,” instead of he and she, are indeed offensive. The “Dear Colleague” theory contradicts itself because although most schools want to avoid getting a lawsuit because of discriminating against a sex, gender, or race thirteen U.S. states joined a lawsuit accusing the Obama administration of “overreaching” with the dear colleague letter and the 1972 law. Most studies on transgender people focus on the overall community, this study focuses more on a specific community, college campuses, and provides useful theories to help accommodate the transgender community more on a college campus.

The Life of a College Student: Transgender Students In today society being apart of the LGBTQ community has become fairly acceptable. People with in this community have been

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