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  • Case Study: Sonic Drive-In

    promotions (Entrepreneur 2016). Sonic Drive-In is located mostly on the East Coast as mentioned before, but it is slowly progressing throughout the U.S and the West Coast and are interesting in spreading out geographically in order to continue growing. Although Sonic Drive-In and its affiliated organizations use an exclusive business structure and model, they all use the same marketing, branding, and recipes, but they use various distribution methods. Using an exclusive market exposure Sonic Drive-In is ensuring that all locations are spread out geographically as to not interfere with one another 's…

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  • Boca Burger Observation

    I am a proud Food Network addict. And lately, I have developed quite a fondness for the reality competition, "Chopped." On this show, four "amateur" chefs compete for $10,000. They are provided with a motley collection of specific ingredients, and are charged with creating an appetizer, entrée, and a dessert; one contestant is eliminated after each course. The chefs are provided all the supplies and ingredients they need to prepare their dishes, while the judges look on. The clock winds down,…

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  • Sonic America's Drive-In: A Case Study

    Mercury Mambo: Senior Copywriter – Independent Contractor. Austin, TX. 04/2010 - 05/2010 Univision: Senior Copywriter – Independent contractor. Miami, FL. 10 /2009 - 10/2009 Lopez Negrete: Senior Copywriter. Houston, TX. 12/2005 - 8/2009 As a fundamental creative asset who constantly brought outstanding successful ideas to the table, developed campaigns for the following clients: Reliant Energy: Savings energy Plans Miller Brewing Co: Creator of the concept: “Perfect combinations” campaign…

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  • Girl In A Band Essay

    Girl in a Band Book Review “When we came out onstage for our last show, the night was all about the boys” (Kim Gordon). This is the bold first sentence that Sonic Youth vocalist/bassist Kim Althea Gordon writes in her autobiographical memoir, Girl in a Band. The inspiration behind this liberating title is from “Sacred Trickster,” an ode to the quartet’s early 1990s high-gloss hardcore phase that appears on Sonic Youth’s final album, The Eternal. The entirety of this memoir is told from the…

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  • Supersonic Research Paper

    of a problem when flying below the sound barrier. When the sound barrier is broken, then a lot changes and the aircraft needs to be as streamlined to do that. To make an engine more streamlined it becomes smaller and more part of the wing of the plane. The engine might be smaller but it has to move more air than a subsonic engine which means the rate at which the engine rotates will be higher, increasing the noise. With hearing protection this might not be a huge deal, but for people who…

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  • Short Essay On Self Driving

    Self-Driving Cars A self-driving car is when the car needs little or no human interaction. With a self-driving car instead of having to drive for long hours you can just sit back and watch some Netflix or maybe read a book while the car does the work by using GPS and censers to tell where it and the other cars are on the road. The first attempt at a self-driving car was in the 1950 's GM and RCA developed a automated highway using radio control for speed and steering. Magnets in the car…

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  • Individualism In Society

    the free world". Thousands of people come to this country every year, learning about the country in hopes of becoming citizens. William Hudson in his book 'American Democracy in Peril ' talks about the seven biggest challenges to this democratic nation. Individualism can be seen as a gift or a curse, depending on the context in which it occurs. Because modern society finds it important that people think independently, decide autonomously and take personal initiatives, the concept of…

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  • Fossils Chapter Summary

    that the fingers on the side blocked from the ZPA did not create, or created malformed, fingers which proves that something from the ZPA controls the construction of limbs. This molecule was discovered in 1993 by Cliff Tabin’s laboratory at Harvard by using fruit flies. Fruit flies have a gene that controls which side grows into what shape called a hedgehog. With the shape of the gene from the fruit flies, the lab began to search for the same or similar gene in chickens. The chicken version of…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At Virginia High School

    I can hear the voice of the sergeant behind me telling me “go faster, take longer strides!”, as I am trying to catch up to my platoon. As I slowly start to fall behind from my platoon. I feel like an outsider, and I began to question why am I even here? I try going faster, and taking longer strides, but they seem more far away with each step. Now I feel like I don’t belong there anymore, and I fade away recalling the first time I stepped a foot in Virginia Military Institute. Going to VMI for…

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  • A Narrative Essay About Working At Mcdonald's

    It was a cold Friday night, the temperature was below freezing. I was working at McDonald’s, it was the only job I had been able to keep in the last couple of years. I was always recognized from the managers for being so friendly and kind to everyone including my co-workers, except on this specific night. I had been having mood swings all day and was not feeling good at all. I clocked in and got to work, for tonight's shift I was working in the drive-thru. Working drive-thru on Friday night was…

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