Stigma In Shameless

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Shameless is characterized by lacking any sense of shame. The Showtime television series, Shameless, is a reoccurring accurate depiction of this very word. The American television series is a remake of the hit British comedy also named “Shameless”, produced in Los Angeles of the city of Chicago. The television show has a provocative yet compelling storyline. The television series depicts the dysfunctional family of Frank Gallagher. Frank is a single father of six children. He spends his days drunk, while his kids take matters in their own hands by taking care of themselves. The series portrays an American working-class family as well as highlighting the affects of Franks’ alcoholism on them. The family struggles to maintain and rise above the national poverty level. This series portrays the lifestyles of low income families in our society. Also, displaying most of the acts many …show more content…
Poor individuals struggle day to day making tough financial decisions and trying to find ways to make ends meet. They often have to do without things that may be considered necessities by some. The hassle of being poor also brings a certain stigma which makes society look down upon these individuals. This stigma makes poor people feel as though they are not valued nor cared for in their own society. Because of this stigma, they acquire a careless attitude towards their actions and consequences. On Shameless, some of the shameless acts that are carried out range from tricking a meat delivery man to leave his truck so they can steal all the meat for themselves, playing a homeless man with a malnourished African child in order to get money, and stealing clothing from a salvation army drop off location. These are some actions that people living in poverty may feel compelled to follow through due to their lack of funds and resources in order to survive. This effects society heavily by increasing the crime rates which creates many issues within a

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