Second Punic War

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  • Carthaginian Vs Spartan Genocide Essay

    Athenians such as the conquest of land, domination, the cult of antiquity and war. Carthage is founded by Phoenicians in 813 BCE, it became “the richest city in the Mediterranean”…

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  • Cause And Effect Of The First Punic War

    Tension built between Rome and Carthage, finally reaching the breaking point in 264 BC. The first Punic War started because Rome was afraid that Carthage would control the Mediterranean Sea and Carthage feared that Rome would conquer their colonies on the island of Sicily. When the war began, Rome used land tactics at sea which hadn’t been done before. Their newly formed navy would ram enemy ships and use “boarding bridges” to board Carthaginian ships. This allowed them to do something they…

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  • Rise And Fall Of The Roman Republic

    In the late Roman Republic, the external expansion of early Rome was a surprise to many. The era of the great expansion of Roman power and civilization is the era of the Roman Republic, in which its Senate ruled Rome and its assembly, which were establishments, formed at the beginning of the monarchy. The Republic had a history of many conflicts, aiding the Republic in becoming so powerful, thus making Rome become unstoppable. But as we all know from the conflicts that aroused in the past with…

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  • Roman Military Essay

    During the second Punic War, there was an ongoing battle which would decide the fate of Rome, and perhaps Europe. Hamilcar, who was the general of the Carthaginians at the time, was struggling to pay back the money the owed to Rome. In an effort to earn to money in order…

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  • Rise Of Carthage Essay

    Introduction Carthage was the first foreign opponent came in touch with Rome. Carthage fought a series of war against Rome. Carthage and her rising power always remained fear to Rome though each cases Romans had great victory. Especially, Punic War I, II and III were remarkable wars still memorable in modern days. Rise of Carthaginian Power Around 3000 years from now Inhabitants of Phoenicia (Today’s Lebanon) started dominating trade over the Mediterranean (Carthage, n.d.). They discovered and…

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  • Exploring The Differences Between Carthage And Rome In The Punic Wars

    When discussing the differences between Carthage and Rome, the topic of the Punic Wars could not be ignored. It was during the first Punic War that Rome gained its powers as a naval fleet, which led them on to conquer all and win victories in all three of the Wars. However, Rome’s navy was not always part of their strong-suit; it was their army that gave them their military status. But if they wanted to take down Carthage, who owned one of the best naval fleets of their time, Rome was going…

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  • Compare And Contrast Greek Gods And Carthage

    In 264 BC, the first conflict between Rome and Carthage over the Island of Sicily broke out. The First Punic War and the struggle to take control over Sicily had begun. Romans soon realized that despite their powerful army, they need to match the naval power of Carthage too. This realization came about first because Carthage managed to retake many of the…

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  • Positive Effects Of Conquest In Rome

    they had conquered. However this all changed around 146 B.C., when slavery officially became the driving force of Roman economy (“Effects of Conquest in Rome”, 2007). Many of the slaves were small farmers who had lost their land during the Second Punic War, and needed a way of making end’s meet. Hannibal’s invasion caused the destruction of their land (farmers burned their land to prevent Hannibal from living off of it during his stay there). Because most of these farmers did not have the…

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  • Roman Memory And Collective Memory

    rituals, ceremonies and narratives, whereby they are skewed to become an inaccurate reflection of history. In the Punic Wars, Polybius constructed his history originating around the Roman collective memory to engender a cultural identity of Roman superiority and dominance. Thus, this parallels how collective memory is selective in order to forge an identity for…

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  • Carthaginia And Rome Compare And Contrast

    Carthage and Rome were two great rivals that nearly equal resources and strength (Morey, 1901). Rome had a much better organizational structure while Carthage was wealthier. Rome had a better army while Carthage had a very powerful navy. Both fought wars to have control over the Western Mediterranean. In this essay, will discuss how Carthage became almost equal to Rome. We shall next compare the strength of both powers. Carthage was founded as a Phoenician colony near modern Tunis, northern…

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