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  • Graduation Speech: Costco Vs. Sam's Club

    membership. BODY Show First Main Point Slide here (#3) I. First Main Point: The membership A. Would you pay to shop at a store? 1. I know it seems ridiculous to pay money just to get into a store, but that’s just what Costco and Sam’s Club are banking on you doing. 2. Both Sam’s club and Costco make it their job to…

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  • Economic Effects Of Inflation In India

    Inflation and its impact in India What is Inflation Imagine we had Rs.7 in 2003. One could have purchased a 300 ml Pepsi and gone home happy (excluding the Rs. 2 that shopkeepers charge for refrigerating it). Fast forward 12 years and on would have to shell out Rs.15 to purchase the same 300ml Pepsi bottle. What happened? One would think Indra Nooyi has fleeced us, but in reality, the value of money has reduced. This is attributable to inflation. Inflation is defined as a sustained increase…

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  • Benetton Case Study

    Sales, which included T-shirts and denim jeans, reached $78 million, 98 percent of which came from the domestic market. With 1,000 stores in Italy alone, Benetton realized that the home market was saturated, and launched a major export campaign. Benetton targeted the rest of Europe and made plans to enter U.S. and Japanese markets. In 1979 the first store was opened in North America. By 1981, Benetton, operating under the name Invep S.p.A., had become the world leader in the field of knitwear,…

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  • Long Ago Case Study

    Abstract Long Ago, as a means to running errands and go on carrying normal activities, people started getting involved in commerce. It started in Amman when the Circassions and Chenchens first settled in the valley and later immigrants form Bilad Al Sham. More and more merchant shops appeared, therefore forming the market. These shops, later on, developed in one direction into sophisticated ‘arcades’ and in others into today’s street markets. i.e: Share' Al Wakalat. Due to weather conditions,…

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  • CML And Bank Arrears Rate

    0 (a) The arrears rate for all (BTL) mortgages shows the total (BTL) number of mortgages over three months in arrears as a proportion of the total (BTL) number of outstanding mortgages. Data are semi-annual up to end-2007 and quarterly since then. Non seasonally adjusted. (b) The possessions rate for all (BTL, owner-occupied) mortgages shows the total (BTL, owner-occupied) number of properties taken into possession over the preceding twelve-month period as a proportion of the total (BTL,…

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  • The Importance Of The Maritime Industry

    The maritime industry since the beginning of recorded time has been the focal point for transportation of goods around the world. It is the most economical and environmentally friendly way to transport large goods throughout the world. Today, around 90% of world trade is carried by the maritime industry. Around 50,000 merchant ships, registered in over 150 nations and manned by over a million seafarers of nearly every nationality, transport every kind of cargo internationally. The continuous…

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  • What´s Discretionary Access Control?

    Most business DBMSs offer a method to dealing with privileges that makes use of SQL referred as Discretionary Access Control (DAC). The SQL supports DAC by GRANT and REVOKE commands. The GRANT command gives privileges to users, and the REVOKE command takes away privileges. Discretionary access control, though effective, has some weaknesses. Especially, an unauthorized user can trick an authorized user into disclosing sensitive information. As an example, an unauthorized user along with an…

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  • Hirohito Film Analysis

    I. Different ends of Japan’s postwar era The death of emperor Hirohito in 1989 is often considered as the end of Japan’s postwar era. Because the emperor is the symbol of the nation during wartime and the immediate postwar period. His death marked the fading of the elder generation. Moreover, other facts in the late 1980s and early 1990s could also be counted as the end of postwar. The shrinking support of the LDP since the early 1970s finally led to its lost of majority in HOC election in…

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  • M-Commerce Security Case Study

    “M-Commerce Security” by Laurie J. Fundukian Over the past years’ mobile devices and mobile telephones have been used worldwide now. According to L.J.Fundukian (2012), “The emergence of the wireless tablet computer, m-commerce is emerging as a major player in the world of retailing, social networking, and entertainment and the main potential threat from mobile device use is identity theft”. Computers and other mobile devices can be scrutinized by malicious codes for personal…

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  • Cartwright Lumber Company Case Study

    The two men had tentatively discussed the possibility that Northrop Bank might extend a line of credit to Cartwright Lumber up to a maximum amount of $465,000. Cartwright thought that a loan of this size would more than meet his foreseeable needs, but he was eager for the flexibility that a line of credit of this size would provide. After this discussion, Dodge had arranged for the credit department of Northrop National Bank to investigate Mark Cartwright and his company. The Cartwright…

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