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  • Challenges In Tourism Essay

    Challenges in the Indian Tourism Industry: Travel & Tourism industry in India is growing and it has vast potential for generating employment and earning large amount of foreign exchange besides giving a fillip to the country’s overall economic and social development. But a long way needs to be covered hence much more remains to be done. Therefore, there are challenges involved in tourism industry. Lack of proper infrastructure, is being one of the…

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  • Importance Of Tourism Essay

    Tourism is the fastest growing industry of the service sector. Tourist spends their time and money, which generate income and employment which is helpful to develop our economy. That’s why it is very important to wellbeing of many countries. Before 1947, no one focused on this industry but at the beginning of this century, tourism was considered as an industry or business. Now government has taken essential or useful steps for promoting tourism because tourism is not only helpful in develop the…

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  • PJSC Detsky Mir1: A Russian Company

    Highlights PJSC Detsky Mir1 is a Russian company, which is engaged in the children products retail sector. The Company’s Detsky Mir chain comprises of over 570 stores located at the territory of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan, as well as of more than 40 ELC stores. The average store size is 1.4 k sqm and has 20-30k SKUs2. Its product portfolio consists of toys, fashion products, newborns goods, stationary, large items and others. We initiate our coverage of Detsky Mir with BUY…

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  • Coca Cola Swot Analysis

    A macro environment is the condition that exists in the whole economy rather than in a particular sector or region. Macro environment factors include, Political, Economical, Technological, Legal, Social–cultural and international. An organisation would consider these factors as part of its environmental scanning to better understand the threats and opportunities of the business operation. Social-cultural factors- The social-cultural dimensions of the environment consists of lifestyle, values and…

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  • Daiso Case Study

    In today’s times, when majority of the retail stores are failing to build on high profits. Japan’s leading retailer Daiso has been able to deliver year after year. Founded in the year 1977 by Hirotake Yano, Daiso entered the Japanese market where factors like cost, caliber and design of the products are very important. By the year 1983, Daiso was able to build up their capital to 50 million, which was a historical figure as very few companies were able to achieve such figures over a short span…

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  • Digital Printing Case Study

    Printing has been an intrinsic part of our life since the invention of paper. As a first means of communication, paper opened up a great deal of opportunities for people. Printing industry has undergone a variety of changes since the 90s. Jigar Shah, Founder of iPrint shares “I remember my dad bringing in one of the first Mac Machine with 4-5 different fonts in 90s with no regional language support! From letter pressing to printing, everything was manual. Today the scenario has completely…

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  • Agile Development Paper

    Abstract-The use of testing framework has become a growing requirement in software development. This framework is a kind of software which can automate the pre-generated test cases. So, for developing test automation software an incremental and timeframe iterative approach known as Agile Software Development Methodology can be used. It provides software developers a working test framework early with respect to traditional software development methods e.g. waterfall model. In this paper, an…

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  • Social Media Benefits

    In today’s day and age, it seems that everything is revolved around social media. From posting about your day to uploading a video of you graduating, social media has taken on the role of being part of your everyday lives. Social media has so many great aspects that make living without it feel like we are in the Stone Age. One of the greatest aspects is the ability to interact with anyone anywhere. With social media, you have the ability to catch up on events or communicate with friends from…

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  • Allianz's Business Model

    supplemental health. The asset management segment functions as a global provider of the institutional and retail asset management products and services to third party investors. The Property-Casualty segment provides accident, motor liability and own damage, general liability, legal expense, fire and property, credit and travel insurance. And last the corporate and other segment contains banking, holding and treasury, and alternative investment activities. [1] Its market capital as per May 2016…

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  • Cineplex Case Study

    Lewthwaite would need to prove that it was a worthy financial investment. Finally, the committee needed to consider the length of time required to establish a new database because most committee members believed that conclusive information on customer behavior could be drawn only from a minimum of 500,000 members. Further, although they thought that an investment in such a program could be largely beneficial for Cineplex, if implemented poorly, the organization’s image and its ability to…

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