Case Study John Morrison

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John Morrison(JM) is a cosmetics company that is established in the UNK since 1984. Couple years ago it was bought by Estelle Lorean (EL). Currently, JM is running through a big change in the company. New management team is being introduced.
The new management team of John Morrison is executing changes throughout the whole company; stressing out on the introduction of an integrated system that supports manufacturing activities, logistics, retail and etc. Before investing in the new system, the feasibility study is carried out
This report aims to analyze and recommend the investment plan in the new IT system by Estelle Lorean/ John Morrison. The recommendations are drawn based on current external
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Thus choosing the systems that are applicable for the S- M -L BUSINESS SIZE
• PRICE: Price range is divided from $ (Cheapest) to $$$$$ (Most Expensive) Due to purchasing the ERP system is an individual contract hence prices can vary and no specific prices are given. It was mentioned that EL is using SAP. EL is willing to help JM to invest in the new system, however, it must be cheaper than the SAP but advanced enough to merge financial data from JM to EL system. Base on the website SAP is marked as $$$, therefore we will only look for systems in THE PRICE RANGE OF $ - $$.
• DEPLOYMENT: As we established earlier we will be using a Hosting type of deployment. On the website, we are offered only two types: On-premise and Cloud-based. For the research we will look for ON PREMISE TYPE of deployment as from there we can draw a hosting type of deployment with a company contract with a company.
• PLATFORM: There is no information which platform JM is using. For the flexibility- another characteristic of the system is a must to be applicable for MAC OS, WINDOWS AND LINUX

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