Case Study: Mockingbird Station TOD

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My core assumption is that the actual effects and net results of these DFW Metroplex developments around transit centers can be better explained as the result(s) of residential income level differentiation (limited resources and restricted residential options) and the subsequent choices that thereby result can often be misinterpreted as planned or proposed positive effects from TODs.

1. Mockingbird Station TOD
Located at 5465 East Mockingbird Lane, Mockingbird Station is the first mixed-use project designed around a multi-modal, rail-based transit station in Dallas. Driven solely by market dynamics, the target group for potential residents were the affluent customers who were living in the surrounding neighborhoods. The original design of the project focused on the mixed-use and not so much on the “transit” aspect of the development. The plan was prepared to include a mixed use development that would concentrate on office, residential, retail, and entertainment. Lancaster – Kiest Corridor (Lancaster Opal TOD)
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The Lancaster – Kiest Corridor, the major arterial spine running through the area, is anchored by two major developments, the Lancaster- Kiest Shopping Center and the Dallas VA Medical Center. Lancaster Road is edged with small format commercial uses along its entire length, such as fast food restaurants, auto repair shops, banking service centers, convenience markets and other services. Commercial development is clustered around the Kiest and VA Medical Center

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