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  • Trip To A Trip Essay

    Trip to Hundred Islands In the summer of my third grade, when I was eight years old, I remembered when my parents told me that we were going to take a trip to Hundred Islands National Park in Pangasinan, Philippines. I said “ Are you being serious?” I was shocked, but excited when they told me. I couldn’t sleep that night, I was too hyped and thrilled. I thought it was quite spontaneous of them to decided to go to this trip since they were so occupied with work. The night before, I researched…

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  • Importance Of Racism In Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness

    Racism is something that has been something occurring in the world for a very long time. The novel Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad represents the time period of imperialism; when Belgium colonized the Congo. Conrad depicts the racism that occured in the Congo of Africa because of the Europeans colonization. The main protagonist named Marlow, a European sailor, goes on an adventure with his crew through his perspective going up the Congo River with the goal of meeting an idealistic man, Kurtz.…

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  • Importance Of Tantra

    iii. Make the sector more lovely, start with harmonizing your house and make for yourself a tantric place. iv. Be more aware, start with everyday by being conscious of your respiration. v. Take obligation for your own existence, your moves and your emotions. Take responsibility in your life. Avoid blaming people for your doings or actions. vi. Experience accuracy usually by feeling better. Perceive how you feel. Then receive or accept how you sense. If you want, cross for happiness and trade…

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  • Significance Of Diwali

    ‘Deepavali’ is what Diwali was known as, it is derived from two words, deep as in a candle (light); avali means a row. Hence, the meaning of Deepavali is a row of lights; this has an ancient story behind it. Over a billion people celebrate Diwali making it the most observed holiday in India. On this day lanterns, electric lights and fireworks illuminate the night to celebrate the victory of good over evil, light over dark and knowledge over ignorance. From snow covered mountain tops to the…

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  • Microscope Lab Report Essay

    (4x), low power (10x), and high power (40x). To find the total magnification, we multiplied the ocular lens (10x) by the power of the objective lens. The diaphragm lets a certain amount of light through to the specimen. The bigger the diaphragm hole the more light, and the smaller the diaphragm hole, the less light. The field of view is the…

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  • The Night Cafe Vincent Van Gogh Analysis

    He used contour lines to define the shape of many objects like the billiard table, floor, tables, light bulbs, paintings, glasses, people, and bottles. Another way he used line was to show direction and dimension. For instance at areas on the wall there are lines that go up and down indicating that the wall is vertical and also turns at that point, making…

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  • Reflective Essay On Production Experience

    This semester I worked in the Scene Shop for Production Experience 1 for both Vinegar Tom and Dead Man’s Cell Phone. Because I came on later than the rest of my peers, I caught the tail-end of work for Dead Man’s Cell Phone. I also participated in light hang and strike for Vinegar Tom as part of my Production Experience this semester. In terms of scene shop, it was new for me because I had never spent such a concentrated amount of time in that aspect of production or worked on projects on such a…

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  • Personal Narrative-My First Dance Classroom

    I stroll down the hallway and hear the sounds of muffled music booming from the speakers. The music seems to intensify becoming louder and louder, the closer I walk towards the doors. I open the wooden double doors and walk into the space. I see white walls that hold vertical paneled mirrors, side by side, enclosed with black steel bars horizontally sitting three feet off the ground. As I looked down at the floor, it is covered with gray marley flooring scratched and worn, from years of wear and…

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  • John's Lies In The Crucible

    place of complete silence, Darkness a place of protection. Darkness may be a bizarre word to associate with protection, nevertheless, some individual use darkness as a source of protection. The people that used darkness as protection will always have light shed into their darkness. In the play, The Crucible, by Arthur Miller one of the play's main characters, John Proctor, has a secret of having an affair with Abigail Williams and over the course of the play, John tries to lie his away around…

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  • Museum Observation Essay

    Taking a walk in Tate Modern I noticed that the light intensity as well as the light distribution is different in each space: the galleries from the Turbine Hall and the halls. In the galleries there are glowing light boxes displayed on the ceilings. The boxes are made out of glass and a steel frame. In addition to these there are also attached movable light bulbs on the steel skeleton of the boxes. In his article, John Hirst describes the inside of a light box: ‘Internally the boxes have…

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