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  • Respiration And Photosynthesis

    achieving this knowledge, we furthered our understanding of photosynthetic reactions by and experimenting with the factors that affect photosynthesis, which are light intensity, pigments, and light wavelength. By experimenting with these factors, our group was able to create an action and absorbance spectrum, which allowed us to determine which light wavelengths do the pigments in plants respectively absorb for photosynthesis. This allowed us to fully understand what conditions photosynthesis…

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  • Oceanography: An Introduction To The Marine Environment

    that naturally light up! In fact, many different types of creatures that live in the water light up: squid, eel, jellyfish, which can be seen to the right in figure one, and many various species of fish have the ability to do such. The ability, called bioluminescence, is defined as “ the emission of light from living organisms”, according to Merriam-Webster. More informally, it is considered the ability where a creature, which can live either on or off-land, can produce their own light. Some…

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  • How Does Social Media Affect People's Life

    Effects of Social Media Before social media existed the way people met each other was through face to face communication. Now when walking down the sidewalk people pretend to be on their phones so they do not have to talk or acknowledge each other. People now days lack social/people skills. Social media over the past couple of years have taken control of people’s lives. Social media is not just taking over people’s lives it is also effecting people’s brains, behavior and thinking. Social…

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  • Photo Self Portrait Analysis

    In my assignment of photo self-portrait I will be discussing the artist and the masterwork that I have chosen, also the movement in which the artist practiced. My masterwork that I have chosen to work on is belongs to Robert Mapplethorpe and it is his self portrait of 1980. In his artwork he portrays himself as the archetypal bad boy, with black leather jacket, dark shirt, cigarette hanging out of the corner of his mouth, the coolly appraising gaze and the carefully coiffed 50s style hair.…

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  • Are Smart Phones Bad For People's Health?

    they emit what 's known as "blue" light. This light is picked up by special cells behind our eyeballs, and it communicates to the brain that it 's morning” (Khazan). So this little blue light the back of the eye is getting a signal from is telling the person that it is morning time in reality it is still night time. At night the signals in the back of the eye show red indicating that it is almost time for bed or that it is time to go to sleep but with that little light being blue and the blue…

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  • Spectrophotometer Lab Report

    wavelength of light absorbed and the color of a compound. Next, one must determine a way to relate the amount of light absorbed with the concentration of the solution. After gaining knowledge about these two parts of the lab, one will be able to determine how a Spectrophotometer 20 can be helpful in determining the concentration of phosphate in colas.3 A spectrophotometer is used to obtain measurements of the amount of light that passes through a object and to measure the amount of light…

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  • Light Filtration And Photosynthesis Essay

    How does light filtration affect the rate of photosynthesis? Introduction: Photosynthesis is an essential process plants use to convert light energy from the sun into chemical energy, released as glucose. Some of the limiting factors of photosynthesis include temperature, amount of light, the concentration of carbon dioxide, availability of water and the concentration of chlorophyll. Fig.1- The word and symbol equations for photosynthesis. The aim of the practical is to model the rate of…

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  • Marie Curie's Influence On Society

    Marie Curie A glowing particle of radium sat in the dark with all of its pitchblende dirt particle buddies. A sliver of light was let in by the almost shut door, and as the sliver grew bigger, the shadow of a woman appeared on the ground. Marie Curie stepped into her lab, and began to gather the tools she needed. She picked up the little jar of pitchblende and brought it to a workstation and began sifting through it. The footsteps that had been working their way to the door finally reached it…

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  • Bear Lake Monster Myths

    was very calm. Above, a bright summer moon provided unlimited visibility. Suddenly, just a few feet offshore, the surface parted with a swelling roar of angry water as a serpentine head reared high, swaying from side to side and leering with great red eyes” (Moffet 3). Since Bear Lake Valley was developed, stories of the Bear Lake Monster have circulated campfires, fishing boats, and cabin living rooms. These stories bring communities together. The people of Bear Lake bond over stories of the…

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  • Perception Of Color Stereotypes

    Perspective, the most powerful thing on earth. A statement of my own so therefore not entirely factual, but true none the less. The very definition of perception is, “The way you think about or understand someone or something (Unknown, 2016)”. Is this not the very thing that causes us to take sides in conflict or to act on something that doesn’t seem right? We are not born with the understanding that “White is Right” we are taught this from a very young age by our predecessors; our parents, our…

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