The Importance Of Color Symbolism In The Great Gatsby

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In the very prestigious novel The Great Gatsby color symbolism plays a very important role in the book and how the reader interprets what is happening. For example the color green represents the life Gatsby wanted that was just in front of him while the color yellow represents the different social classes within the book with all the money they had or all the money they did not have. The color blue represents the lonely times Gatsby had at his gargantuan mansion that was located in West Egg. Then finally the color gray represents the valley of ashes otherwise known as the sickening area between West Egg and East Egg.
The color green is very important to the novel because it represented the future Gatsby wanted in his life and this is also known
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Money plays a very important role in the novel because money was an important implement to have in the roaring 20’s. It was important to have because money decided who you were friends with and where you hung out with those friends. In Gatsby’s case he was so rich he wore yellow and had yellow memorabilia. “Throughout the novel, it can be seen that the most common color accompanying Gatsby is yellow. Yellow is the color of gold which symbolizes money, materialism and a high social position” (Haibing, 42). This quotation is explaining that the color yellow represents money which is very important to the book. Money is important to the book because it represents the different types of social classes with in the novel. For example Gatsby has a lot of money, while the Wilsons do not have a lot of money. We know Gatsby wears the color yellow a lot while the Wilsons, Myrtle in particular wears the color red. The reader can infer that Gatsby has more money from what he wears and can infer that Myrtle does not have as much money as Gatsby because of the colors she wears. “Then in the order to win Daisy back, Gatsby chooses the color yellow to decorate himself and his house to show that he has been the member of the rich folk” (Haibing, 42). This quotation supports my thesis because it shows that the color yellow or gold helped Gatsby try and win Daisy back to show that he has been rich for a long time and has a lot of money. The …show more content…
“he had come a long way to this blue lawn, and his dream must have seemed so close that he could hardly fail to grasp it” (Fitzgerald, 180) . This quotation supports my argument because it was another way on how he tried to get the attention of Daisy or another way he was in pursuit of the green light. However the color blue also reveals that he was lonely at times because he wanted Daisy. You have to remember that Gatsby did not have many friends they all just used him for his house and had no clue who he actually was. “The blue tone of Gatsby’s loneliness and melancholy in his inner heart. He holds lavish parties in his blue garden to allure Daisy, but fails which makes him become more sad, lonely and melancholy. (Haibing, 43). This quotation supports my thesis because it shows that the color blue played a very big role in and around Gatsby’s life. Weather we are talking about Daisy and the color blue in his life or the lavish blue gardens where he held parties on weekends (Haibing, 43). Another way I can prove the color blue shows that Gatsby lived a lonely life is when he had to have a chauffeur come to formally invite Nick Caraway over for a small party. “A chauffeur in a uniform of robin’s-egg blue crossed my lawn…” (Fitzgerald, 41). This quotation shows that Gatsby was so lonely and depressing that he had to send his

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