Essay On Alienation In Society

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My connections examined the portrayal of alienation in mainstream society. I chose to use texts from a modern time period to help create more concrete conclusions about mainstream society.
My texts were Education for Leisure by Carol Ann Duffy, Sad Joke on a Marae by Apirana
Taylor, District 9 directed by Neill Blomkamp and Barton Fink directed by Joel Coen. I expected all of my texts to be able to reflect one another as they were all from a similar time period. In particular, I expected District 9 and Sad Joke on a Marae to draw similar points as they are both texts that illustrate alienation towards indigenous people, with Sad Joke on a Marae being about
Maori, and District 9 being about the treatment of blacks in South Africa (but doing this by
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This violence is caused indirectly by the alienation, as the resulting emotions and delusions cause the violent response from the speaker. In District 9, a lot of violence is caused by alienation This is a far more blatant example of it though, as those being alienated are literately aliens. They are shunned and discriminated against by society because they are so different in the way they look and communicate .Because they are not human they are not afforded human respect. They are alienated in a shanty town called District 9 where they must find ways to survive in abhorrent conditions. Large amounts of violence occur throughout the film where the authorities enter District 9 regularly to keep control. Aliens and their young are treated suspiciously and remorselessly shot if suspected of minor infringements . These two texts both indicate that alienation does cause violence, both for the alienators and the alienated (7). One final text that confirmed this was Barton Fink. Charlie becomes so fed up and angry about how is being alienated and (although he is already seen to be mentally unstable) cracks.

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