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  • Rate Of Reaction

    Introduction This extended experimental investigation (EEI) investigated the effect in which concentration had on the rate of reaction. The purpose of this experiment is to test different concentrations of hydrochloric acid with sodium thiosulfate and to see how long it would take until the cross underneath the flask is no longer visible through the milky white solution. Collision theory A collision is when two or more object run into each other. But collision theory is, that only some particle collisions make changes (or are fruitful). Fruitful or effective collisions require enough energy to break pre existing bonds and form new ones. In order to have enough energy the particles they need to have the right orientation and enough force.…

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  • Life Expectancy Rate

    throughout time. The two variables I have chosen to illustrate this are life expectancy in years and income per person (or GDP/capita) because we tend to determine level of development of a country based on the income and GDP per person. My observations reflect the concept because countries with higher income per person (such at The United States, Germany, or the UK) tend to have higher life expectancy rates than countries with lower income per person rates (such as Zambia, Afghanistan, or…

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  • The Importance Of Exchange Rates

    Exchange Rates The exchange rate is “the price of a currency in terms of another, e.g. how many U.S. dollars can be bought for one pound sterling” (Rutherford 140). Exchange rate ensures the connection of the national currency with other currencies, as well as a comparison of macroeconomic indicators of different countries. Ultimately, the exchange rate determines the purchasing power of a particular currency. The exchange rate has a significant effect on the country's foreign trade since the…

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  • Adjustable Rate Vs Interest Rate

    Fixed-Rate Versus Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Loan Donald Douglas Nicholson Post University When looking to purchase a house, buyers must first consider which type of mortgage loan is right for them. A fixed-rate mortgage and an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) loan are two of the most popular options. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), “fixed-rate mortgages, the interest rate is set when you take out the loan and will not change. With an adjustable rate mortgage, the…

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  • Mortality Rate In England Essay

    Assessing patterns and causes of mortality rates in England (16th to 19th century AD) When researching into to the topic of mortality rates, (Scott et al, 2005) observes that it is very complex to understand the historical patterns of mortality in England and that the ‘demographic parameters of mortality decline are unclear’. Mortality rate can vary when studying various types of geographic settings, different periods of time and on the age and gender allocation of a given population. Scientist…

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  • Rate Of Adsorption Lab Report

    The rate of nickel sorption by immobilized spent yeast in chitosan beads was determined as a function of the adsorbent dosage, initial pH and initial nickel concentration as shown in Fig. 1, 2 and 3, respectively. The sorption rate was rapid at the beginning of the period. It was observed that the equilibrium uptake of nickel by immobilized spent yeast was occurred after 2 hours. Kinetic studies of adsorption To investigate the sorption mechanism, the constants of sorption were determined by…

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  • Heart Rate Exercise Essay

    body movements affect heart rate. We used 4 different subjects and 3 different trials including our control. For our hypothesis, we theorized that the more movements that a person does, the higher their heart rate will be. After doing this experiment, we found that the more movements and exercises your body does, the more increased your heart rate will become. There could be possible sources of error like any experiments, so this data is the most accurate data we could possibly achieve.…

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  • Heart Rate Lab Report

    to answer was whether the average heart rates of boys are higher than the average heart rate of girls. In this experiment, our group needed to find the resting heart rate of each person involved in the experiment, the heart rate of each person after one minute of vigorous exercise, and the heart rate of each person after two and a half minutes of rest. Upon drawing a conclusion on what our group will test and how we will test it, our group found a group of six boys and four girls. We had each…

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  • Alcohol And Heart Rate Experiment

    Effects of Chemicals on Heart Rates in Organisms. Jesutofunmi Bankole El Centro College Abstract This experiment studies the effect of caffeine and alcohol on heart rate. This lab experiment detailed how water flea, (Daphnia magna) a transparent aquatic organism whose heart can be easily identified using a compound light microscope, was used to study the effects of caffeine and alcohol on heart rates. According to the research alcohol was observed to have caused a…

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  • Summary Of Daphnia's Heart Rate

    the heart rate of a daphnia was effected by three different solutions being added: alcohol, lactic acid and, caffeine. We determined that when alcohol was added the heart rate would decrease. When lactic acid was added the heart rate would decrease, as well. When caffeine was added the heart rate would increase. We determined that alcohol would slow the heart rate because it is a depressant. Since humans that drink alcohol suffer from a depressed cardiovascular system and slower brain function,…

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