Rational-legal authority

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  • Mechanical And Organic Solidarity Society Essay

    was a main concern. To create this law, governments will need to access an increased amount of personal information with and without consent. In 2012, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson and Public Safety Minister Vic Toews introduced bill C-30 the Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act (CBC News, 2014). The main concern with this bill was privacy and the government was forced to abandon it. When discussing bill C-13 this topic of privacy was a major topic because the government needed to be strict but they would need to take into consideration the previous bill and find out how bill C-13 could be affective without intruding people’s privacy. The bill contains specific amendments to the Criminal Code, the Competition Act and the Mutual Legal assistance in Criminal Matters Act; this is to ensure our laws are suitable for the technologically advanced world we currently live in (Parliament of Canada, 2015). The Majority of the conservatives supported Bill C-13, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada and Conservative, Peter Mackay, believes bill C-13 is an important legislation in need of a holistic approach and efforts of the educational system when it comes to the issue of cyberbullying (Parliament of Canada, 2015). This legislation requires direct and mature discussions with youth and others in the country to broaden the awareness and understanding of cyberbullying. Peter Mackay indicated that all elements of this bill require a warrant for police…

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  • Weber The Forms Of Legitimate Domination Analysis

    detailed sociological analysis highlighting fundamental differences between several strategies of domination (Weber 1978: 212). In doing so, he establishes three 'pure types ' of legitimate authority based on the type of legitimacy claimed therein; legal-rational authority; traditional authority, and charismatic authority. Each type, according to Weber, endows its ruler with a justifiable right to rule,…

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  • Social Power Analysis

    charismatic, and rational-legal. Traditional authority—or the ‘eternal yesterday’ as Weber puts it—is a dominant power which relies on tradition or custom. With this way of ruling, power is not challenged because this is how the society has always been run, and people respect the traditional values. Charismatic authority comes from society believing in a person’s personal charm, their personality, or their mission and values. Rational-legal authority, which is…

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  • Karl Marx's Theory Of Power

    For example in England, we are "run" by a democratic government that is non-coercive. However in Iraq, the people live under an autocracy that is coercive. Both of these examples show power running a country, both types of power however are very different. One is a legitimate authority and the other is an Elite ruling a minority through coercion. To conclude power is hard to define, as it can be different depending on a society and its government. We could…

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  • Weber's Theory Of Power Rhetorical Analysis

    Weber saw authority as existing in three types. He identified rational/Legal, traditional, and charismatic as the three types of authority. (A&E, P168) He described the three as follows. Rational/Legal is described as a form of leadership in which the authority of an organization is tied to legal rationality. Traditional authority rests on established beliefs and continues those beliefs because they already exist. Lastly Charismatic authority is a form of leadership where authority is derived…

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  • Weber's Theoretical Rationality

    recognition of world to this earthly and material world. When the world cut its cord from its origin and destination, the only priority with is prominent is describing the present situation of the world and things around. Beginning of rationalism of thoughts must track its origin in Greek philosophy and hidden theoretical rationalism found there. Because by presenting a rationalistic interpretation of the world, religious and heavenly interpretations gradually faded. This kind of novel thought…

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  • Weber's Theory Of Authority Essay

    Authority refers to a type of power which is seen as socially recognised, it also refers to the amount of power which someone or a group have over someone else. Legitimacy is a key concept in authority, it highlights the way in which authority is distinguished from general notions of power. Weber distinguished three different types of authority in the work that he done, the first type of authority was rational legal authority, this is dependant on laws of the state. The second type is…

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  • Bernie Sanders Situation Analysis

    The social situation presented by a political rally demonstrates several relations of authority. In terms of the recent Bernie Sanders rally in Oakland, California, two authority relations of particular interest were that between rally leader/follower and parent/child. Interactions between these groups of individuals were recorded in the form of field notes. The field notes I wrote recorded details of interpersonal relations with respect to spatiality, authority figures, verbal and nonverbal…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Values

    certain degree of beliefs are the majority in which opinions are created. Some attitudes can be found in areas of normal life such as sports, politics, and predisposed similarities with everyday things. Popular attitudes can be seen as norms and are acceptable by certain communities. C.A unique illustration of the idea of Irish attitudes as quoted in the popular Irish belief, “ The Northern Irish are traitors to their own people”. The irish attitude of religion is a great way to see a…

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  • 5 Principles Of The Earthly Government

    According to Bill Bright author of an article entitled, “Your 5 Duties As a Christian Citizen” he states five principles that he feels are a believers reasonability to the earthly government they are to: pray, register to vote, become informed, help elect godly people, and to vote. Praying for the leaders of our country is something that everyone can partake in. Paul writes to Timothy saying, “I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all…

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