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  • Rationalization Interview Essay

    I have conducted an interview with a sixty-two-year-old nurse to develop a better understanding of non-sharable problems and of rationalization. I was surprised with the understanding of these terms my interviewee had without really hearing the terms used often in her life. She told me of encounters she has had personally with rationalization and non-sharable problems, and she also told me of stories of co-workers and friends who faced similar issues. The main thing I took away from the interview is that everyone has great knowledge that is not noticed at first glance, but by opening up to them you can learn a great deal. After explaining the concept of rationalization to my interviewee they had the perfect story to share with me. She worked…

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  • Triangle Of Conflict Case Study

    conflict that Lucy did not know how to deal with. She felt torn because she wants to have these deep connections yet feel angry that people are abandoning her. Triangle of Conflict – Anxiety: The internal conflict between love and anger increases Lucy’s anxiety. She experienced these anxiety in her striated muscle and smooth muscle by reporting that she often get headaches when having to deal with other people. She also experiences a lot of somatic pains such as back pain and legs muscle…

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  • Rationalization Of Sin

    As I walk through the front door, once again, I am confronted by the familiar sound; “drip, drip, drip.” “Not a problem” I think to myself. “Just a drip.” I convince myself that it’s just a part of life and can be dealt with later. I even rationalize that the sound is somewhat comforting, an old friend whose rhythmic sounds are soothing to the soul. After all, it is my home and am I not the king of my own castle? A little water in the basement sink won’t hurt anything. “I just don’t have the…

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  • Mcdonaldization Of Society Summary

    “The Holocaust was a distinctive product of Western civilization…and required the rationality of the modern world”, said Bauman. (Page 32 and 33) For example, they Nazi’s wanted a perfect society that was free of Jews. Thus, it had all of the basic characteristics of rationalization. “It was an effective mechanism for the destruction of massive number of human beings”, said Ritzer. (Page 33) They found it more efficient to use gas, focused on quantity by seeing how many people could be killed in…

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  • Cause Of Regression In Psychology

    quality of life. This raises chances of developing depression. Edward Helmes’ article "The Construct Of Alexithymia: Associations With Defense Mechanisms." discusses how the inability to process emotions leads to a regression in emotional capacity. Being unable to handle emotions causes the patient to act in ways that hinder their treatment. Examples being refusing chemotherapy, taking the proper medication, and overexerting themselves. This then leads to the individual being “more likely to…

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  • Modernity And Postmodernity

    Describe the main features of the shift from Modernity to Postmodernity Modernity and Postmodernity concepts contrast significantly. Modernity is portrayed by its relevance to rationality and scientific reasoning to explain the functioning of society (Kalberg, 1978). In contrast, Postmodernity concepts challenge the progress that Modernity practices. Moreover it can be characterised as a period where social institutions, cultural relations and applications of science shifts (Macionis, 2014). A…

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  • Weber's Rationalization Of Law

    a painful task and the completion of which determines his guilt or innocence. Since, there are no general standards of legal decision making in such cases, formally irrational law is said to be unpredictable. Whereas law is formally rational when it is solely based on general characteristics that affect the facts of the case. Weber believes that rationalization of modern law in western societies takes on the specific form of formal rationalization. Rationalized Law according to him is formal ad…

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  • Rationalization Of Charles Relationship

    By rationalizing Charles’s sexual behavior with a teenage girl Cindy, Grace Paley raises the issue of underage sex and virginity. Charles is a thirty-seven year old man whose job is repairing air conditioner whereas Cindy is a teenage girl who is just in her junior year in high school. When they first meet at Cindy’s father attic, they are speaking flirtatious language to each other. The attic is also where they have their first sex. When Charles first meet Cindy, he is full of excitement and…

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  • Mark Haddon's Rationalization

    xxx In The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Mark Haddon suggests that people rationalize even their most hurtful behavior, through the motivations of Judy and Ed Boone. On way in which Haddon suggests that people rationalize their behavior is through the choices of Judy Boone. In letters to Christopher, Judy explains how he and his father made her feel “invisible… and incredibly lonely”(chp. 157,) forcing her to move to London with Mr. Shears. Judy rationalizes abandoning her…

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  • Weber's Theory Of Rationalization Analysis

    Max Weber’s key concept was rationalization. This refers to the eradication of mystery and emotion from everyday life and their replacement by rational calculation and control. This essay will discuss Weber’s contribution towards sociology in terms of rationalization and his attribution to ‘The Protestant Ethic’. It will introduce Weber’s key approaches, such as social theory, rationalization in regards to modern society, bureaucracy, the ideal type and a contemporary example of rationalization.…

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