Reflection On Rationalization Of Sin

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As I walk through the front door, once again, I am confronted by the familiar sound; “drip, drip, drip.” “Not a problem” I think to myself. “Just a drip.” I convince myself that it’s just a part of life and can be dealt with later. I even rationalize that the sound is somewhat comforting, an old friend whose rhythmic sounds are soothing to the soul. After all, it is my home and am I not the king of my own castle? A little water in the basement sink won’t hurt anything. “I just don’t have the time or the energy to address the issue today,” I think to myself as I settle back into my easy chair and flip on the TV.
Such is the rationalization of sin. Sin has a way to reason with the weakness of our flesh. Sin attempts to convince us that our own personal behavior and actions do not really affect or hurt others. In addition, sin responds pridefully in angry or defensive tones when others speak out or attempt to lovingly confront the sinful behavior they see in us. Words like, “Who are you to judge?” or “Why are you so intolerant?” or my motto is, “Live and let live.” As broken people living in a broken world, Christians are not immune to sin. The rationalization of sin is often found in the misapplication or misunderstandings of the freedoms we have in grace,
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As I quickly descend the staircase and enter the dark basement, I feel the cold water soaking through my clothes. As I blindly search for the water shutoff valve I am reminded of the rhythmic sound of slowly dripping water that I have grown accustomed to during the past months. The drip has now become a torrent. “How can it be?” I ask myself as I absorb the shock and assess the damages. As the full impact of a house destroyed and the sudden reality of relocating my wife and children hits me, I think of my blindness brought on by apathy and indifference and I think of sin. Like my behavior, my lack of action tragically impacted those around me – the ones I

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