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  • Narrative Essay On Breast Cancer

    In November 2008, I was a normal teenage girl in the eighth grade, when my mother, Stacie Laprarie, was diagnosed with breast cancer. I remember this day very clearly. I had a normal day at school, only to come home and find both my parents upset. As soon as my brother and I walked in the door, our parents sat us down at the kitchen table, to tell us that our mom had received a phone call from her doctor and, she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. They told us not to worry, and they…

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  • Case Study Of Mrs. X

    Mrs. X is a 70 years old, Spanish female patient presented in the radiology department on a trolley. She appeared frail and had a low level of consciousness. The clinical history of Mrs. X shows the presence of lytic bone lesions and the doctor requested a skeletal survey to be performed to exclude myeloma. The department protocol points out the projections that must be done includes, posteroanterior and lateral projection of the skull, posteroanterior projection of the chest, anteroposterior…

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  • Dental Hygienist Essay

    Career Analysis of a Dental Hygienist INTRODUCTION Being a dental hygienist may be a difficult career for some, but in the end, it is very beneficial to the people. It is important for one to have a positive attitude while working in this field. Dental hygienist have really important tasks and duties to follow, you have to have numerous amounts of classes. When actually being in this career it might seem like the most difficult job to do, some days are longer than others, but in the long…

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  • Job Characteristics Model

    Job design is when a position is deliberately planned to include specific tasks and goals and includes work demands, job control, and social support that ultimately leads to higher output. Job design can greatly impact employee motivation. One of the most common job design models is called the Job Characteristics Model. The job characteristics model includes skill variety, task variety, task significance, job autonomy, and feedback. Skill variety involves the amount of different skills and…

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  • Radioographic Reflection Paper

    for critical thinking skills in the clinical setting. In order to understand this key skill, I will review an exam discussing the factors and skills required to achieve the highest quality radiographs possible. Currently, I am assigned to the Radiology Department at Christus Spohn South, where I have been able to observe various examinations. The examination I have chosen to report on was performed the Clinical…

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  • Importance Of Admissions In Human Service

    I completed my BS in Human Services in March 2015. Since that time, I have been researching many colleges fluctuating between the MSW, MFT and Mental Health Counseling degrees. I consider my graduate school decision to be a positive life-altering decision requiring much thought, and research. After an extensive amount of research, and phone conversations, I have decided to pursue a MSW, with the specialization of Military Families and Culture. There are several reasons why I am interested in…

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  • Occupational Health And Health Case Studies

    1.2 Statement of Problem WO (1983), posited that “occupational health has made little progress in developing countries in recent years and usually is low on the list of national priorities.” Guyana is no exception; since Guyana is considered a developing country; and according to GUYANA COUNTRY COOPERATION STRATEGY 2010-2015 (2009), it stipulated that even though Guyana has introduced and Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act in 1998 it insufficient due to lack of complete enforcement; it…

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  • Community South Medical Center Case Study

    “Some experts believe that large, multispecialty practices, which combine primary care physicians and a range of specialists in the same practice, are the organizational structure with the greatest potential to provide consistently high-quality care” (Liebhaber & Grossman, 2007). With our recognitions and experience that our staff would attain their skills could become fully advanced which would lead other medical centers wanting that skill of our winning ways or a current staff member resigns…

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  • Globalization In Healthcare

    price/cost balance rather than being treated as an "emergency" or "forced" purchase. The retail care environment is populated by single-service or limited service clinics, urgent care centers, walk-in laboratories, freestanding medical service centers (radiology,…

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  • Telemedicine And Tellenursing: A Case Study

    Even though the trend began in the 1960’s, telenursing can now blossom due to advancements in healthcare information technology and will continue to flourish when barriers are no longer present. Innovative healthcare professionals turn to telemedicine and telenursing for more effective, faster, and convenient care for patients, in particular, the ones that are unable to see the healthcare provider in person (Van Alstin, 2016, p. 6). Telenursing is nursing practice though electronic sources such…

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