Radio frequency antenna types

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  • Case Study Of Intel: Smart Freight Technology Powered By The Internet Of Things

    to inform logistic companies to come and pick up the goods. Today’s transportation also got influence by the Internet of Things. With the connected devices, the industry is changing to be smarter, more efficient and lower costs. There are several types of transportation that can be used with the supply chains. 1. Air fright: Using aircraft to transport goods. 2. Land logistics (focus on trucks, and railway): Ship goods through the railways or roads.…

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  • Chaguaramas Beach Case Study

    Problem Description In recent times coastal areas have been extensively developed in the area of North West of Port-of-Spain. Its beautiful landscape by the sea, bays and streams have been utilized by habour activities and human activities. The area s also used by various boats both personal and commercial that carry chemicals and hazardous compounds. These water vessels are often cleaned on the docks and emit a lot of hazardous waste into the water. Leaks during the transfer of goods and…

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  • The Empirical Formulation Of Radio Wave Propomentation Models

    empirical mathematical formulation for the characterization of radio wave propagation as a function of frequency, distance and other conditions. • These models predict the path loss (i.e. the reduction in power density of an electromagnetic wave as it propagates through space or underground) of a transmitter and also the effective coverage area of transmitter. We know that when a signal travels from a wireless channel, it undergoes various types of Propagation Effects like – Reflection,…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Modulation

    defined as the process whereby some distinct characteristics (such as amplitude or frequency or phase) of a high frequency signal wave (called carrier wave) is varied in accordance with instantaneous value intensity of low frequency signal wave (known as modulating wave.).These variations in characteristics results in amplitude modulation, frequency nodulation and phase modulation.…

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  • Case Study: Air Traffic Control Radar Survelillance System

    transmitted high-frequency impulses are reflected by the target and then received by the same radar unit. Direct cause of the reflected echo is the transmitting impulse sent out by the radar unit. Secondary Radar…

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  • Inter Symbol Interference Analysis

    signal is large. This amplitude variations in the received signal called signal fading, are due to the time-variant characteristics of the channel. Relative motion between Tx and Rx (or surrounding objects causing e.g. reflection) causes random frequency modulation. Figure 11 Multipath propagation Each multipath component has different Doppler shift. The Doppler shift can be calculated by using: fd=Vλcosα V is the velocity of the…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wifi

    1. INTRODUCTION Figure: Wi-Fi logo Wi-Fi stands for wireless fidelity. Wi-Fi is the wireless network that used to connect the internet without wires. It’s based upon the radio technology. Many computers can be connected to each other through Wi-Fi and we can share files data and many of the other things through Wi-Fi. A Wi-Fi network operated just like a wired network, but without the restriction of wires, it not only enable user to share the data but it also provide easy connection to the…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Wireless Headphones

    believe, to buy all these things together (excluding the headphones and the tools used), you need to spend 10-30 dollars in India, it will go to 1,000 rupees. Radio receiver module is commonly found in the $ 10 and a maximum of about 500 rupees. All electronic items are worth $ 8-10 and 250-300 rupees. The male and female jack and the cable and antenna will make $ 10 product structures. And if you're buying new headphones, please buy one with good interior space as it will charge you around $…

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  • Importance Of Position Location Systems

    smaller the size of each and that translates into greater accuracy. However, more cells increase the cost of purchase and installation. Another critical consideration is the need to have a host computer (PDA, Laptop, etc) to support the Bluetooth radio to be located. This means that it is currently impractical to located people or other devices that don’t have a built-in computer. ii) IEEE 802.11b (WiFi) The WiFi standard is a longer range, higher bandwidth communication protocol than…

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  • Technology Is Safe For Humanity Essay

    Physical experiments did not show any results about bad impact on human body of RF waves from the antenna of wireless phones. Medicine also has held large-scale and long-term studies to identify the correlation between mobile phones and patients with tumors, but has not found clear evidence. Various health organizations are involved in public protection…

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