Radio frequency antenna types

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  • Submarine Spitfire: A Destructive Weapon

    000 were killed; an estimated 51,000 were injured or missing (“World”). The second bomb that was used, Fat Man, was dropped on Nagasaki. The Fat Man bomb was the larger bomb out of the 2. It was also much more complicated because it was an implosion type nuclear weapon with a plutonium filling. Fat Man measured 10 feet 8 inches long and 5 feet in diameter and had a blast force that was equivalent to 18,600 tons of TNT (“World”). After the second bomb was dropped, in fear of the U.S having…

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  • Port Klang Malaysia Case Study

    activity in the marine environment, AIS is used and is becoming increasingly popular with marine vessels [4]. In this study, traffic density over Port Klang, Malaysia are investigate using several variables such as number of vessels, their speed and type of cargo and also traffic path. Related Research of…

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  • Remote Sensinging Theory In Lake Nasser

    2.2.3. Types of remote sensing Remote sensing can be classified according to either energy source or sensor type into passive or active systems. Active systems have their own source of energy such as microwaves (radar), whereas the passive systems depend upon external source of illumination, such as sun or self-emission of the observed object. Also remote can be classified according to the wavelengths into three categories as follows: 1- Visible and near infrared Remote Sensing, this type can be…

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  • Can RFID Tags Be Used In School

    home data stations, which are securely positioned throughout home. Basically all data is stored on computer in different areas, and depending on the area where the computer is situated (such as the cafeteria or medical center) the computer has that type of information for all elders. In a computer situated by the cafeteria, you can find all the nutritious information needed about an elder, nothing more. As for if you were to check the computer system in the medical center, you would gather all…

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  • Walmart Case Study

    How is RFID technology related to Wal-Mart’s business model? How does it benefit suppliers? Wal-Mart’s basic business model is “low cost.” RFID promises to reduce supply chain costs and improve the availability of items on store shelves. The world’s biggest retail chain wants RFID readers installed at store receiving docks to record the arrival of pallets and cases of goods. Software uses sales data from its point-of-sale systems and the RFID data about the number of cases brought out to…

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  • Gravitational Waves

    fluctuate, such as, thermal expansion, a non-stable laser source, or a poor vacuum. Anything that interferes with the detection of a gravitational waves signal is referred to as noise. If the laser source does not emit a constant, or stable, frequency of light the photodetector will detect a change in the intensity. Thermal expansion will change the arm lengths of the interferometer, thus changing the detected interference of the recombined beams. If the vacuum environment in the system is…

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  • The Development Of Morse Code: The History Of Communication

    within the denser glass of the center of the composite cylindrical glass fiber, the core as if it is guided down the core in a zigzag path of successive reflections. These light waves are guided through the core of the optical fiber just like a radio frequency signal in a coaxial…

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  • Hotel Management System Case Study

    AN OVERVIEW OF TELEMATICS 1.1 INTRODUCTION Telematics established in 1987 and later acquired by Bahri & Mazroei is a provider of Converged Building Systems, which covers ICT Systems (Information and Communication Technology) like Structured Cabling, Data Networks, Telephoning, etc. and ELV (Extra Low Voltage) Systems like Security, Fire, BMS, Guest Room Management Systems and Car Park etc. Telematics has “ISO 9001:2008; ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certification” and it’s arena…

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  • Safetybelts Research Paper

    Every 2001 Lumina under warranty is backed with the following services: 1-800-CHEV-USA ® ( For vehicles purchased in Canada, call 1-800-268-6800) that provides in an emergency: Courtesy Transportation Free lockout assistance Free dead-battery assistance Free out-of-fuel assistance Free flat-tire change Emergency towing 2001 Chevrolet Lumina Owner's Manual Litho in U.S.A. Part Number 10300810 A First Edition © Copyright General Motors Corporation 2000 All Rights Reserved i…

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  • Ethical And Social Issues In Information Systems Case Study

    When using information systems, it is essential to ask, “What is the ethical and socially responsible course of action?” A MODEL FOR THINKING ABOUT ETHICAL, SOCIAL, AND POLITICAL ISSUES Ethical, social, and political issues are closely linked. The ethical dilemma you may face as a manager of information systems typically is reflected in social and political debate. One way to think about these relationships is given in Figure 4-1. Imagine society as a more or less calm pond on a summer…

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