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  • Postpartum Depression Informative Speech

    The joys of a new baby are numerous for couples, it’s an addition to your family, a new person to love; but a new child also means new responsibilities, a new found source of stress and in some cases depression for the new moms. The particular type of depression I’m referring to is known as postpartum depression. When moms give birth to their babies, their body limits the release of certain hormones, and can cause the new moms to feel sluggish, tired and even depressed. The depression is common…

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  • Borderline Personality Disorder: A Case Study

    Patients with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) are described as having “a pattern of instability in interpersonal relationships, self-image, and affects, and marked impulsivity.” (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). These individuals do everything that they can to avoid abandonment whether its real or imagined (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). Often they have a negative self-image which leads to self-mutilation or suicidal behaviors (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). For…

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  • Benefits Of Behavioral Therapy

    Behavioral therapy is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on changing negative behavioral patterns into positive ones. Because behavioral rehab has many benefits, it is often used in addiction recovery. Below is a list of some of the benefits of behavioral rehab: Helps People Change Their Thoughts In order for one to successfully recover from an addiction, people have to get to the root cause of it. Many people who are battling an addiction are struggling with negative thoughts. Negative…

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  • Positive Psychology Reflective Report

    Reflective Report Positive psychology looks deep into what keeps people healthy psychologically and this particular leaflet subject was chosen because in psychology the research that is most looked at is mental illnesses. From the view and subject of positive psychology the research into positive psychology has many important aspects that help towards emotions in example counselling. The target group was as if it was targeting University students to pursue a career that models itself around…

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  • Causes And Prevention Of Borderline Personality Disorder

    treated. The treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder really depends on the patient and the severity of their disorder. However there are various types of treatment one can receive for this mental illness. A treatment options for BPD can be Psychotherapy, what is also known as “talk” therapy. This treatment is usually the first one most Borderline Personality disorder patients will go through. Therapy can be a very difficult thing for someone with BPD, because in order for their treatment…

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  • Summary Of Star At The Sun By Irvin D Yalom

    emeritus faculty of Stanford University. Over the past decades, Yalom has impacted the field of existential psychology remarkably, and his ideas contribute to existential psychotherapy as well. In this book, Yalom fully addresses how to overcome one’s inner terror of death by telling multiple affecting stories of his own and his psychotherapy sessions with his clients. While using the existential approach, Yalom is able to provides a comprehensive understanding of why confronting death is…

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  • Group Therapy Advantages

    Maddy Stark Ms. Towne Psy 110 14 December 2015 If a person needed psychotherapy, they could either choose individual therapy or group therapy to help with their problems. Both have their pros and cons but group therapy has been proven to work a little bit better than individual therapy. Group therapy tends to work better than individual therapy. There was a recent study where they had an individual go through therapy and after about a year, their condition stopped improving. But when the…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cognitive Therapy

    Cognitive behavioral therapy Introduction Cognitive behavioral therapy goals are to help people become aware of when they make negative interpretations, and of behavioral patterns which reinforce the distorted thinking. Thus, therapist/ counselors use cognitive therapy to help clients to develop alternative ways of thinking and behaving which intends to reduce clients’ psychological distress. Intervention Overview Cognitive behavioral therapy is a talking therapy that can help the client manage…

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  • Cognitive Therapy Behavior: A Case Study

    Therapeutic interventions are utilized within therapy after a specific problem is identified and diagnosis is given. There are many options when one is struggling, dealing, and facing specific issues; therapy is just one form that helps address unwanted behaviors and assist with change. Theories are created to help guide and direct specific therapies to address an individual’s internal and external issues. Psychology is defined as the study of the mind, by changing unwanted behaviors and…

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  • Psychoanalytic Therapy Paper

    doctors Andrzej Werbart and Sonja Levander, psychoanalysis can increase or decrease the strength of certain traits in people (Werbart & Levander, 2015, p. 1). Werbart and Levander gathered information for their study from 1997 to 2008 at a Swedish psychotherapy institution. The participants consisted of fourteen clients who had consecutively received publicly-financed psychoanalytic treatments. The patients were divided into two groups: anaclitic (emotionally dependent) or introjective (adopts…

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