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  • Benjamin Franklin And The Ends Of Empire: An Analysis

    between Privateer and Pirate. Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), famous American founding father used British politics and laws in an effort to break America from British rule. In 1779, Franklin, an elderly man of seventy-three traveled across the Atlantic from America to France to seek aid and assistance from France in an effort to break from the British empirical rule over America. Franklin’s original goal of money and aid to America changed during his time in France upon receiving letters from American prisoners of war, ill-treated and dying in British prisons. The American prisoner’s outlook on life become dire after Parliament voted in 1777 to deny them legal rights traditionally granted to prisoners of war. Upon the…

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  • The Legend Of Blackbeard: The Golden Age Of Piracy

    man’s early life is known a little. During his death, it was discovered that he had some written letters in his pocket which acknowledge us that he could read and write. We can get the evidence of him belonging to a wealthy family who was able to give him the education. At an early age, young Edward went to the sea and began his career by serving on privateers sailing during the war of the Spanish succession which occurred between 1701-1713. Not only this but also, he worked in a Jamaican ship…

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  • Pirates Galleons And Treasure Analysis

    In the video, it claims for treasure and riches to be a reason for piracy, however it is not the whole truth (Pirates, Galleons and Treasure, 2007). Some pirates where previously privateers and as peace began, “old habits die hard” as quoted in “Pirates, Galleons and Treasure” (2007). This quote is not necessarily true, in fact most people became pirates because of the better circumstances it provided (The Golden Age, 2016). Joining a pirate ship meant getting better pay, health insurance, and…

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  • Difference Between Piracy And Privateering

    or where privateering originated. However, historians say that in the 15th century when piracy became a major problem in areas like Bristol, England, residents of coastal cities began to resort to self-help by arming ships at their own expense, so it has been generally decided that these ships were the first privateers. 2 This caused a great deal of reform in naval strategy. These armed ships filled the need for protection that the current authority was unable to provide because it lacked an…

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  • Sir Francis Drake Accomplishments

    Sir Francis Drake: Professional Pirate Thesis: Sir Francis Drake was a successful man who was willing to do anything to accomplish his goals. Drake’s Occupations 1560s slave voyages to Africa 1570-1573 pirated Spanish settlements in the Caribbean 1580 received privateer license from Queen Elizabeth 1581-1585 mayor of plymouth colony 1585-1588 chief naval advisor during the war against Spain Drake’s inspiration for choosing a career of privateering 1567 attacked at San Juan de Ulua by the…

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  • Wild Pigs In Colonial America

    ship was nearly absolute. Crewmen could be whipped by a cruel captain for the least offense. In 1630 a treaty was signed with Spain that allowed the English and French to colonize some of the lands along the Spanish Main. Many of the European settlers wound up on the island of Hispaniola. One of the main sources of food on the island was wild pigs originally introduced by the Spanish. The pirates of the golden age wore short and buttoned jackets trousers and breeches of different styles and…

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  • Primary Source Analysis Sample

    Primary Source Analysis A life on the high seas full of capturing other ships and exploring the world seems exciting. The reality for many 16th and 17th century pirates and privateers was anything but. Some turned to the sea life for relief from disastrous conditions. Others because they could make easy money. With the travel first to the new world, then later around the globe the riches that could be reached from the sea were innumerable—quite the reason to board a ship and sail away.…

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  • Who Is Jean Laffite A Hero

    The life of Jean Laffite was full of adventure, danger, and mystery. Many tales have been told about Laffite but there are frequent questions about the truth of these stories. Jean Laffite was often called ruthless and cruel. Although, many women said he was quite a gentleman. To some he was a villain, but to others he was a hero. So if you're wondering who Jean Laffite was and what his life was like some of your questions are about to be answered. Jean Laffite’s early years were filled with…

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  • John Hawkins: Renaissance Admiral During The Renaissance

    John Hawkins: Renaissance admiral John Hawkins was an English admiral and privateer during the Renaissance. He spent majority of his adult life as a slave trader and, eventually, helped defeat the Spanish Armada (Funk, 1, “Hawkins, Sir John”). Hawkins, an admiral during the Renaissance, made a large difference during the time that he was alive. Hawkins, born in 1532 in Plymouth, England (Funk, 1, “Hawkins, Sir John”). He originally began his life as a merchant and later became the first…

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  • Compare And Contrast Essay On Rhode Island And Pirates

    status. Thus, these two unlikely groups joined forces against a common enemy, the English Crown. It is important to remember piracy was a product of the times and a result of the mistreatment of individuals, not something that just arose out of boredom. In fact many pirates may have started out as privateers. As Marcus Rediker points out in Villains of All Nations, “leaders of European nations used privateers to supplement naval power”, and to accumulate wealth at the expense of their rivals.…

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