The Legend Of Blackbeard: The Golden Age Of Piracy

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Sushil G C
Prof. April Braden
HIST 1301-71003
21 October 2017
Pirate refers to the person who attacks and robs the ship at the sea violently. We all are familiar with the word pirate as we have been told stories about them directing the golden age when they were the legends of the sea since from our childhood. One of the notorious pirates was “Blackbeard” who was perhaps one of the major figure associated with the “Golden Age of Piracy” that was roughly between 1716 to 1726. With the nickname, Edward Teach the notorious man’s early life is known a little. During his death, it was discovered that he had some written letters in his pocket which acknowledge us that he could read and write. We can get the evidence of him
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Along with other sailors blockaded the city's harbor and attacked any ship which tried to leave. Then the pirates imprisoned many people and demanded treasure or supplies. Blackbeard ashore a landing party for this purpose who collected the supplies for releasing prisoners. Hence, he received a lot of expensive medicine, he did also what he had said although he took all the possessions of the captives. Medicine was good as this was helpful for the pirates at that time who may get hurt. But once, Blackbeard decided to take a break from piracy and wanted to get away as much of his Loot as possible. He accidentally grounded Queen Anne's Revenge off the coast of North Carolina. He left most of the men and with 20 other pirates went to Charles Eden, the Governor of North Carolina for accepting the king's pardon. But the manipulating Blackbeard devised a plan with him after realizing that they both could steal more and more amount of treasure by working together. It gave more strength two Blackbeard and he started his adventure again of attacking ships. It was in 1718, that Blackbeard met Vane, who requested him to join his crew to reclaim the Caribbean as a lawless pirate king. But Blackbeard whose work was going good rejected this request. But Vane did not take it personally. There was something more peculiar about Blackbeard was that …show more content…
Then Maynard tried to search for his treasures but didn’t find it out
The secret of his treasure died with Blackbeard's soul.
Blackbeard even after dying remained one of the legends of the sea so far who terrorized the shipping lanes between America and Europe. He had little lasting economic but the tremendous cultural impact in American

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