Pharyngeal flap surgery

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  • Informative Essay On Medical Malpractice

    To awaken from a long but otherwise successful surgery for something unrelated to vision entirely, and feel an indescribable scorching, burning, shooting, extreme pain deep within your eye and realize that your vision in that eye is completely gone, is tremendously frightening and devastating. The first thing I remember when being awakened from my surgery is someone telling me that the surgery was a success, but during the process of the surgery I had experienced a serious injury in my right eye…

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  • Anesthesiologists: The Unique Pill Machine

    worry about the dangers of anesthesia ever again. TUPM will have a design similar to that of a computer and it will have several purposes. It will generate the type and amount of anesthesia a patient needs, and it will also show a report of any surgeries a patient has had in the past, or any other significant information. First, an anesthesiologist would record all of your information, such as your social security number, gender, age, height, weight, blood type, allergies, level of physical…

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  • Cultural Competency Paper

    the first time (Alba, 2015). However this estimate may actually be inaccurate because of the numerous American families that already incorporation multiple racial, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. Nurse anesthetist that provide anesthesia for surgery are exposed to myriad of cultures and difference related to them. These difference may affect how an anesthetist…

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  • Becoming A Neurosurgeon

    I am researching neurosurgery and everything that it takes to become a neurosurgeon. . It takes extreme amounts of hard work and dedication to become a neurosurgeon. Many hours will be spent studying to complete a degree in this medical field. Competition is tough to get into medical school these days. I am interested in researching neurosurgery because I am fascinated by the brain. It is truly incredible how the brain functions and controls everything that goes on in your body. There is still…

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  • LASIK Surgery: A Demographic Study

    (hyperopia). The reasons for this study are to checking the relevance and psychometric properties of the SERVQUAL on Lasik surgery populace. Second, utilize SEM strategies to explore the dependability, recoagnitions and desires relationship on LASIK surgery. The strategy with which this study was directed was poll advancement. An aggregate of 463 back to back patients, going to LASIK surgery associated with Chung Shan Medical University Eye Center, selected in this study. All members were…

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  • Critique Of Quantitative Research

    Critique on quantitative research article Analysis of cost of dressing in the care of burn patient. Source This article is taken from “2000 Elsevier Science Ltd and ISBI.” Writing style This article has been written on the analysis of cost of dressing in the care of burn unit. Different patient with different stages of burns were assessed for the coat of dressing after surgical procedures in a specialized burn unit of the Ribeirao Petro Medical School Clinical…

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  • 'A Case Report: An Aesthetic Nasal Conformer'

    Manuscript Title:An aesthetic nasal conformer – a case report Corresponding author GunjanSingh Aswal MDS Assistant lecturer Department of restorative dentistry Libyan international medical university Benghazi, Libya Email id – Mob no +91 9980744211 Second author Dr Shashi Kiran Mohan Ram MDS Senior lecturer Department of oral medicine and radiology Dayanadasagarcollege of dental sciences Bangalore Email id – Third author Dr Selvakumar MDS…

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  • Effectiveness Of Aloe Vera-Green Tea Mouthwash In Reducing Pain

    study was to assess the efficacy of Aloe vera-Green tea mouthwash in reducing pain after the periodontal pocket reduction surgery. Materials and Methods: A randomized, split-mouth, double-blind, cross-over study was conducted on 45 patients between 25 and 50 years of age requiring pocket reduction surgery. Patients underwent bilateral surgeries in two sessions. After the first surgery, the patients were randomized to receive either mouth-wash or placebo for 10 days, then each group took the…

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  • Surgery In The 18th Century

    Surgery nowadays is one of the most efficient and effective procedures in the field of medicine. Anything that involves cutting or closing the tissues of a patient is considered surgical. In our generation, surgery serves a lot of purpose. It could be for diagnostic; such as biopsy, ablative; wherein you remove a diseased body part, transplant, constructive purposes and the lists goes on. Surgery is an important field in medicine too. For it saves millions of lives. But unlike what surgery is to…

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  • Reflection On The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

    A week after my surgery I had to start physical therapy which was good and bad. Good in the fact that I was always getting stronger, but bad in the fact that it was painful and it felt pointless to try to get my hip back to normal before I had to have yet another surgery. Even though I thought physical therapy was going to be pointless, I had no choice, so I went twice a week for over two months until the date of my next surgery. The day finally came for my next surgery and it seemed just like…

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