Pharyngeal flap surgery

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  • Personal Narrative: A Personal Experience In Surgery

    would have thought of surgery first. I called one of my peers, and she agreed with my findings. A rush of excitement surged through my veins. The adult patient started streaming with tears after I explained to him there would be no need for surgery. I proceeded with an Irrigation and Debridement and added oral antibiotics, and sent the patient home. It felt good knowing I had done everything in my power to bring hope and ultimately save this man’s…

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  • Becoming A Plastic Surgeon Essay

    knowledge of their surgery. It is very important for a plastic surgeon to make their patients fully trust and have confidence in the surgeon’s skills. If a patient does not trust you then you may lose business and the future business you may have received from recommendations. When a surgeon is not consulting with a patient he is performing surgeries or trying to find more efficient or safer ways to perform them. It is very important for a surgeon to stay up to date in the plastic surgery field.…

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  • Colostomy Case Study

    (abdominal wall). The colon is the last part of the digestive tract. It is where water is absorbed from digested food to form stool (feces). A colostomy is done to redirect stool through an opening (stoma) in the abdominal wall. You may need this surgery if you have a medical condition that prevents stool from leaving your body through the usual opening (rectum). A bag will be attached to the stoma on the outside of your body. This bag will collect the stool and waste that is redirected through…

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  • Ocular Prosthesis: A Case Study

    A 2 month-old female patient underwent surgery for left eyeball enucleation due to a household accident and was referred to Araçatuba Dental School for rehabilitation with ocular prosthesis. The anophthalmic socket of the patient were examined, and an atresic cavity was observed (Fig. 1), requiring gradual increase with an acrylic expander. For this, the anophthalmic socket impression was obtained using dense silicon (Express; 3M ESPE, St. Paul, Minn, USA). The mold was inserted into a flask…

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  • The Boston Marathon Bombing Analysis

    videos captured by bystanders and runners the bomb doesn’t look big at all. It really just seems like a loud noise and thick cloud of white smoke surrounding everything. Jim also includes a statement from Lorraine Day, who is the Chief of Trauma surgery at San Francisco General Hospital. Lorraine says “we have smoke and bodies missing limbs, but we have no blood. That… is a physiological impossibility.” She goes on by saying “you cannot have limbs blown from bodies by explosives without having…

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  • Necrotizing Fasciitis: Article Analysis

    This article is about Lorin Madsen, who contracted Necrotizing fasciitis after she fell in a parking lot and skinned her arm. It discussed how many people were had to be amputated or worse killed due to this, because there was no real way to cure this infection. It usually treated with surgical excision and antibiotics, but the death rate is still to 70%. After many attempts on Lori Madsen to cure the infection her situation started to become worse until she was introduced to Dr. John Crew. He…

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  • Essay On Anesthesiologist Career

    Careers and colleges When choosing my top five careers it was kind of hard but I managed to narrow it down to a criminal psychologist, Anesthesiologist, a Juvenile case manger, an Event coordinator, or cosmetologist/business owner. Each one of these careers all hold an importance in someone’s lives. Rather it be planning someone’s big day, helping parents get back on the right track, numbing their pain for labor, or just simply making them feel pretty for a day! -Education & Training- The…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience As An EMT Student

    It was about 9 years ago when I decided to first become an EMT. Little did I know that during my clinical time, I would have a moment that would change my life and the way I see it. I was doing clinical time with a local Fire Department, which basically means I was doing their job for free in order to practice my learned skills in a real world scenario. We were returning to the fire station after just completing a call and dropping a patient off at the hospital. I sat quietly alone in the back…

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  • Acne Scar Removal Research Paper

    Acne Scar Removal: Natural or Chemical Acne is the bane of existence for millions of people. The scars they leave behind have created a billion-dollar industry that will never die. Acne scar removal can be done in a holistic way or through chemical processes. Acne is the most dreaded word for every teen. Adults that still battle acne are stunned by it. The one process both age groups share is the acne scar removal process. It is one that both are anxious to get to because they can erase the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Instillectomy And Recovery

    were sent to an ENT doctor, which stands for ears, nose and throat. I still know my doctor and go to get checked every six months. So from my tonsillectomy and recovery, here are the moments I remember. When we started driving on the morning of the surgery, I was exhausted because the night before, I stayed awake, anxious for the day coming. What will happen? and how long will it take? and will I be okay? and will I have to stay overnight? and what if I don’t wake up? I thought all of these…

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