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  • Intelligent Agent Ethics Case Study

    This assignment is about the ethical issues for the domain of intelligent agents. This will require academic articles as references to identify ethical issues for discussions and explanations, along with my personal opinion and knowledge on the matter if there’s any. There will be a small discussion regarding actors in articles of how they can relate to the ethical issues, there will also be a brief discussion of how the Code of Ethics could affect the decisions, outcome and issues of identified…

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  • Devops: A Case Study

    that unites the development and operation tasks of a software development. With DevOps most of the development and release processes are automated. Automation in-turn results in fast flow of planned work, with increased stable, reliable and secured product. Figure 1 - Diagram from depicting DevOps as the intersection of development (software engineering), operations and quality assurance…

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  • M4d1 Unit 1 Case Study

    M4D1 I. Why do you think it is much more expensive to fix a security vulnerability late in the software life cycle, compared to early? It is almost always more costly to redo or rework something than to do it correctly in the first place. Years ago when I got my first Solaris system administration job, the Navy had the view that any job the Navy did not have official schools for could be learned via OJT (on the job training). So for my first year, I learned everything I could about…

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  • Veterinary Office Management Essay

    Veterinary Office Management Research Project There are a slew of programs that are offered to aid in the veterinarian office. The purpose of the evaluation of software is to explain the difference in software and how it can work for each practice 's individual needs. Many programs are offered for veterinarian software, however, only a few stood out to me, they were AVImark, EzyVet, and IntraVet. Most all the programs that are on the market do about the same, from creating invoices, being…

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  • Human Computer Interface Case Study

    focus on the interaction that will exist between the human users and the system. This will include the user interface and all the underlying processes that will produce the interaction. This will process will include contributing disciplines like computer science, cognitive science, human factors, software engineering, management science, psychology, sociology and anthropology. All of the early research and development conducted on the Human-Computer Interaction was focused on issues relating…

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  • 24 Hour Knowledge Factory Model

    A scenario that best elucidates the operation of a 24 hour knowledge factory involves three or more geographically and temporally distributed software R&D teams. Traditionally, this scenario required that the complete project is sequentially moderated and assigned alternately to each of the teams. Collaboration between the teams, in this case, is minimal, restricted to communicating through the various interface provided. Unlike the traditional development model, the 24-h knowledge factory…

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  • Case Study Aqua America

    Aqua America’s Software Methodology Justina Khuu The majority of Aqua America’s software is developed using the waterfall method, whether it is in-house or through contractors. Oftentimes there is a meeting set for requirements gathering between the developers and the managers or directors of the department that is to benefit from the software development, and then minimal contact between the two groups until the product is delivered. While this results in the least amount of upfront cost by…

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  • The Manifesto For Agile Software Development Case Study

    SOFTWARE ENGINEERING JAMESTER C GO BS COE 5A 3.1. Reread “The Manifesto for Agile Software Development” at the beginning of this chapter. Can you think of a situation in which one or more of the four “values” could get a software team into trouble? Manifesto for agile software development: 1. Individual and interactions over Process and Tools. - It is the first value proposition of the manifesto. This tool should be used for capturing requirements, version control, project planning, editing,…

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  • Beam Crane Case Study

    of computational science and engineering, concerned with the use of computational approaches to characterize, predict and simulate physical events and engineering systems governed by the laws of mechanics as it uses computers and digital systems software to help engineers…

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  • Assignment 5: Business Analysis

    UNIT CODE: BSB FIM 601 EVALUATING FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Quicken Software VERDICT / Premier is our top pick for the best personal finance software for its easy-to-use platform, simplistic budgeting features and powerful investment Intuit is famous for its money management software, and Quicken Premier sets the bar for finance software. You can sync your bank, credit card and investment accounts directly to Quicken so you never miss a transaction…

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