Kindergarten Program Pros And Cons

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The Kindergarten program is designed to help ensure all children reach their optimal growth and development. The Early Learning for Every Child Today document and How Does Learning Happen? “Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years” are supporting tools that educators are utilizing to ensure all aspects of the child’s learning are met. “Promoting the healthy development of all children and students, as well as enabling all children to reach their full potential is a priority for educators across Ontario”. (The Kindergarten Program, 2016, p.5)Educators are essential in promoting a safe and caring environment that is inclusive for all children. A healthy school environment sets the foundation for a child’s well- being and this can be achieved through …show more content…
Today the environments are essential and viewed as the “third teacher”. (The Kindergarten Program, 2016, p.29) As the children develop new interests the learning environment is always evolving and this is evident in the set-up, the materials and props that are offered within the environment. (The Kindergarten Program, 2016, p.29) A large contributor of the “social space” is the documentation that is made visible throughout the classroom. This can be used in various ways such as pictures, artwork and other resources that make learning observable. (The Kindergarten Program, 2016, p.29) The classroom is set up in a way that supports development and ensures all children have easy access to materials. The space is constructed in a way that is supposed to be engaging and inviting and comfortable so a child can feely explore. (The Kindergarten Program, 2016, p.30) Educators plan and offer children materials that are going to further enhance a child’s learning and are an extension of what their inquiries are. The outdoor space is seen as an environment that should be an extension of the learning that is taking place within the classroom. Providing children with opportunities to be outdoors allows children to explore freely, while developing their physical domain of development. Today research shows that the outdoor “space” has many positive effects on a child’s emotional, social and physical well- being. (The Kindergarten Program, 2016,

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