What Is The Role Of Women In Computer Software Engineering

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Women Vs. Men in Computer Software Engineering
Computer Software engineering has many responsibilities. Engineers maintain codes, develop new ideas to upgrade the older product, and design projects. Many achieve great programming skills with this job. The median annual earnings of a computer hardware engineer is $123,560. The limit isn 't only $123,560. The possible amount that can be made annually is over $150,000. ("Computer and Information Technology"). Education needed for this career is a bachelor 's degree ;however, to achieve a higher pay, a master 's degree is recommended. The benefits of this career are good salaries, job security, as well as many opportunities. (Ferguson 49) "Employment of software developers is projected to
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There are many parts of being a Computer Software Engineer. Personal interest in computers and writing is required for the job. Along with those requirements comes with educational requirements. This would include a Bachelor 's degree as well as a high school education in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics. Some alternative jobs that go along with this would be Business and Commercial applications, System Programmers, as well as Application programmers. (Computer and Information Technology) But many would ask, what exactly is a Computer Software Engineer? Engineers customize existing software programs to meet the needs of a business or industry. They start by researching, defining, and analyzing the problem. Next they design those programs to resolve the problem on the computer. (Ferguson 29) Many programmers begin by asking the question, what does the customer plan on doing with …show more content…
It wouldn 't be fair ;however, in the society we are in today, that 's exactly how it is. "According to the Current Population Survey report by the U.S Department of Labor Statistics, the median earnings in 2007 for women employed full-time in hourly and salaried jobs were approximately $31,900, or 80 percent of the median earnings for men, which were approximately $39,8000." (Freedman 53) " Women earn seventy three cents for every dollar men make. This means women are losing out on more than $300,000 over the course of a lifetime." (Wiehl 15) How smooth of a talker an employee is in can fluctuate pay as well as the managers personal impression of the employee. When women do have the chance making it to a managerial position, their earnings on average are a mere sixty eight percent of what their male counterparts make." (Wiehl 16). There are some aspects that affect the pay that women actually have control of. An example of which would be what type of career field has been chosen. Women usually chose jobs like teaching, secretaries, nursing, cashier, waitress, and bookkeeping. (Freedman 54) " . Picking these kinds of jobs have a great out turn for women, but they don 't pay as much in the long

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