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  • Change In Health Care

    Nursing and policy Tabytha Balash Ohio University Nursing and policy Nurses have been making change in health care since Florence Nightingale. Advancement has been made in evidence based practice, increasing the scope of practice, and the ethical boundaries the profession abides by. Nurses have become a significant part of political change in health care. This paper will discuss ways nurses may become politically active, current legislation regarding childhood immunization, and lastly why…

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  • Pap Smear Research Paper

    DISCUSSION The detection of preinvasive and invasive cervical epithelial abnormalities cervical Pap smears has become a very important screening test. This screening test is a simple, inexpensive and reliable method for screening of female population which greatly reduces the morbidity and mortality associated with cervical carcinoma, if detected in its precancerous stage. The present study was conducted to investigate the efficacy of Pap test as initial screening test and confirm the diagnosis…

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  • Why Avoid Warts

    Why using natural remedies are good for removing warts? Description: There are various types of remedies available in these days to eliminate the warts from your skin but the best solution is to follow home remedies in this case. In these modern days you will get to see various modern ways to remove your viral attack from your skin but all of these ways may not be satisfactory for you. We all know that the medical science is being improved day by days and various modern treatments are being…

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  • Pruritus Vulvae: A Case Study

    Physiological vaginal discharge does not need medical intervention. However discharge associated with increased quantity, pruritus, and foul smell, with changes in its colour or with blood seeks medical treatment (Panda et al, 2013).There are different types of pathogens causing vaginal discharge and their identification is challenging. Vaginitis caused by bacteria, fungi or protozoa can be associated with altered vaginal discharge and odor (Kataria et al, 2015). Vulval irritation, or pruritus…

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  • Treating Myeloma Analysis

    Overall, this video explains the positive outcomes of using viruses, that once were considered deadly, to treat cancer. The documentary shows how ongoing research and trials of this kind of treatment is happening simultaneously in different places, and using different viruses. The first case mentions the study developed by Dr. Bell, who concluded that smallpox viruses can attack, and kill cancer cells without harming surrounding cells. Therefore, he and his team are working in treatment trials…

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  • Crvical Cancer Research Papers

    “She has had cancer for 2 years now.” Those words said by a doctor at Clarion Hospital changed my life, for the worst. The doctor had told me, that my nan, the women who has guided me all my life and had been another mother to me, has been slowly dying for 2 years now and I was just told. At first I was thinking in my head, so why has she not gotten chemo? Why is she letting herself die when so many people love her. When the doctor told me it was a little late for my Nan to get help because it…

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  • Hpv Vaccine Pros And Cons

    new cases of HPV infection are reported every year, and 20 million people in the United States already have HPV” (Balog 616). The human papillomavirus (HPV) is a very widespread infection that affects many in today’s society. The numerous adverse effects that arise from the virus are what make HPV such a large concern. Currently, there are three human papillomavirus vaccines, Gardasil, Cervarix, and Gardasil 9. All three of these vaccines protect against four different strains of HPV. These four…

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  • The Human Papilloma Virus

    The scientific name of Human Papillomavirus is papillomaviridae; this names the family of this virus also. The structural composition of this cell is a core, capsid, and its spikes (POWERPOINT). The core is the inner most layer of the virus, but what determines the location of the virus is the spikes on the exterior part of the virus (POERPOINT). Once the spike s find the precise fit to the receptors it’ll attach then go forth with entry (POWERPOINT). The cells that the papillomaviridae spikes…

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  • Epidermodysplasia Veerruciformis Research Paper

    Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis, an autosomal recessive inherited skin disorder characterised by eruptions of wart-like lesions that may occur anywhere on the body. These lesions are caused by infection with the human papillomavirus or HPV. The reason Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis is also called the Tree-Man Disease is because the wart like lesions in and on the skin have a bark like texture and appearance. The Tree-Man Disease is not contagious, because it is genetic, it can’t be spread by…

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  • Rationale For Mmupv1

    Specific Aim1: Role of NK cells and neutrophils at different disease stages of MmuPV1 infection Rationale: The role of innate immune cells in HPV-associated cancers has been investigated in human studies (55). However, how these cells fight against papillomavirus infection at different disease stages remains unclear (8). We recently established persistent mucosal infection in immunocompetent heterozygous (Foxn1nu/+) NU/J mice. When compared with immunocompromised homozygous siblings, fewer…

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