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  • HPV Vaccination Argumentative Essay

    1. Evaluate the strength of the arguments presented in your group discussion. What did you find compelling? What did not work for you? My group members and I held strong arguments in our respective positions (for, against and neutral). The argument for the HPV vaccines highlighted the important of early prevention. They talked the fact that children may engage in sexual activities before expected. They supported their claims using the sources from one of the assigned reading. one of them…

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  • Hpv Persuasive Essay

    As sex becomes a more normalized part of today’s society, many teenagers are becoming more interested in this activity, at very young ages. Their environment, social media and peer pressure are very common reasons that cause teenagers to start being sexually active at certain ages. When youth choose to have sex, and do not protect themselves, they put their bodies at great risk. Not only do sex cause emotional harm, however physically, because they put themselves and their bodies at risk of…

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  • Male Reproductive System Research Paper

    In the male reproduction system, there can be problems. Within these problems, males may not be able to reproduce and no longer making other living individuals. Some issues may develop by themselves, or be hereditary. Some normal issues within the male reproductive system is a testicular injury or varicocele. A testicular injury can be from a kick, hit, or a sudden violent motion struck to the testicles. These injures are mostly mild. The symptoms to this kind of injury, would be…

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  • Neiserria Gonorrhoeae Research Paper

    Introduction Neiserria gonorrhoeae is a gram-negative bacterium, strictly human pathogen and the causative agent of the sexually transmitted infection Gonorrhea or “the clap” which has infected both men and women for thousands of years. It is named after Albert Neisser who first isolated it in 1879 (Dixson,2015). The disease it caused Gonorrhea, is a term coined by second century Greek physician Galen stands for “as flow of seed”. It is the second most common sexually transmitted infection in…

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  • Asian American Culture

    Asian Americans are the largest group of newly immigrants that arrive from Southeast Asia and Fareast Asia. According to Pew Research Center, in 2011 Asian Americans make up about 18 million people, which is 5.8% of the total United States population. Even though Asian Americans may have much in common, they are also made up of diverse cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds. Coming from an Asian family, Vietnamese to be exact, we do not prioritize our health as often as we should. Instead we focus…

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  • Extreme Cold Wart Research Paper

    Extreme cold kills human tissue, including warts. Science has developed several freeze wart substances that are safe to use. Freezing warts off has become a favored treatment for quickly removing warts. What Is the Best Way to Freeze Wart Off Safely? Is There a Way I Can Freeze Off a Wart at Home? Warts will generally go away without treatment, but that can take a long time. If your warts are unsightly or painful, you probably want them to vanish quickly. For many individuals, freezing…

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  • Varicella Research Paper

    Varicella is one of the most common viruses children can get. About 80 to 90 percent of children will come across varicella. Once you get varicella it his highly unlikely that you will ever get it again. Varicella was founded right after an outbreak of smallpox in the 19th century. Depending on your age, the older you are the more likely you are to run into complications. If you are able to get the vaccination of Varicella then your chances of getting the virus are 10 percent or less.…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Hpv Vaccine

    HPV Vaccine: Two Sides to the Problem An Exploratory Essay For a lot of us, getting shots at the doctor’s office have been the norm. Today, many people consider vaccines a controversial issue. This is a result from parents refusing to vaccinate their children for reasons ranging from religion, risk, and fear. In direct opposition, large amounts of people strongly agree with vaccination and look down on those who refuse to do so. The HPV vaccine has become a popular topic because of the…

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  • Joseph Mercola's Opposing Viewpoints

    Opposing viewpoints For my Opposing viewpoint I have decided to use Joseph Mercola. Mercola is known for his alternative medicine techniques, which is why I have used him as the opposer for HPV vaccines. Mercola is a well known Doctor, especially due to his own personal website that tries to debunk a lot of proven scientific methods for his own. Mercola is very willing to show his viewpoint, as is demonstrated by multiple appearances on radio and news shows. Such include “Today Show, CNN, ABC…

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  • Biological Specimenss In Homicide Cases

    Describe examples of three biological specimens that can be analyzed using toxicology to provide evidence in a criminal case. Blood, urine, and liver. Blood can be analyzed is often the specimen of choice for detecting, quantifying and interpreting drugs and other toxicant concentrations. Concentrations of drugs and other toxicants in blood may be useful for establishing recent drug ingestion and to determine the effect of a drug on the deceased at the time of death, or at the time the blood was…

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