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  • Essay On Pankration

    Pankration, The Forefather of MMA Athletics played an essential role in the ancient Greek world. The Ancient Olympic Games dates back to 776 BCE, but we have knowledge that athletic competition in ancient Greece had a long history prior to this date. The ancient Greek athletics was a quest for an individual’s excellence and fame, which the ancient Greeks called Arete. Because of this emphasis on the individual, sports in ancient Greece largely excluded team competitions. In this paper, I will be focusing on the combat sport, Pankration, the history, rules and regulation, and how it has influenced the modern mixed martial arts. I will also be adding of why the combat sports are still growing in popularity and human’s attraction towards violence. Pankration was the most violent event in the…

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  • Dyan Blacklock's Use Of Imagery In The Novel 'Pankration'

    Pankration Essay By Zac G Dyan Blacklock’s 1997 novel Pankration intrigues and engages the reader with its plot, characterisation, setting, theme and imagery. The plot is intriguing, exciting and unique, and doesn’t contain a dull moment. Blacklock is extremely good at detailing the realistic characters which paints a picture in the reader’s mind. The setting is unique though out the entire novel…

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  • Informative Essay On Mma

    MMA started at the Olympic Games in 648 BCE. it was called “pankration” which was the training of greek armies. Pankration was one of the most popular sports in ancient greece. In pankration you could punch and kick and you had no gloves. The winner of the fight was deemed complete power over his foes. It was a very deadly sport that consisted of punching , kicking and grappling your opponent. There was no mat or octagon. You fought outside in the dirt. It took months of practice to be able to…

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  • Essay On The Olympic Games

    competition that is still relevant today. Exactly when the Games were first held and what circumstances resulted in their creation is uncertain. We do know, however, that the Games were a direct idea of the values and beliefs of Greek society. The Greeks idealized physical fitness and mental discipline, and they believed that excellence in those areas honored Zeus, the greatest of their gods. The Olympic Games originated in 776 B.C. Ancient Greece. It was a new era for athletes to show their…

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  • The Seven Wonders Of The Olympic Games

    In wrestling, the participants were allowed to trip, but no punching, biting or gouging. The boxing lasted a long time and wasn’t over until one opponent was knocked out cold! Most of the blows were aimed at the head and the body was left unharmed for the most part. In the Pankration, the opponents would be brought to a somewhat muddy field, and “ground wrestled”. In this event, participants were allowed to punch, slap, twist body parts, and even break fingers!! It was extremely violent, but it…

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  • Ancient Olympic Games Research Paper

    The first event was running, which tested speed. Running was split into three events: the stade, the diaulos, and the dolichos. The stade was only one length of the stadium. The diaulos was two lengths of the stadium. And the dolichos was twenty lengths of the stadium. The second event was wrestling, which was cherished as a form of military training without any equipment or weapons. Wrestling was over when one contestant accepted defeat. The third event was boxing, which was violent because the…

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  • Greek Culture Research Paper

    began to spread by word of Jesus’s apostles, Greeks converted to the Greek Orthodox faith. Now 98% of the Greek population is Greek Orthodox and the other 2% is Jewish, Islamic, and Roman Catholic(in-text citation). Greece's religion also influenced one of the worlds greatest sporting events. The Olympics were created by the Ancient Greeks to please their Gods but also promote peace across the country. The Olympics first started in 787B.C. and the Modern Olympics started on April 6, 1896(in-text…

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  • The Influence Of Ancient Greek Olympic Games

    Olympiad (1). The location of the games where important to not only the overall economy but also the local economy always flourished. The local economy would bring in twice-there yearly income during these events. Most merchants traveled with the games every year just to sell their goods. Some city like Delphi would open their gates to any and all people be them Greek or non-Greek. (1) The big money maker were the game at mount Olympus where not only Greek merchants would came but merchants from…

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  • Diaulos In Ancient Greek History

    athletes who tend to be the best in all their events and are consistent each time. For example, Michael Philips and Usain Bolt are modern world’s most successful athletes. Young describes the dedication to their careers as “serious, all-engrossing business.” They were coached in training and their diet, and made their sport their life. (Young, 145) Hoplitodromos Hoplitodroms was the race in armor, which was added to the Olympics in 520 B.C. In this race, 25 athletes ran two lengths wearing a…

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  • What Role Did Women Play In The Ancient Olympics

    dislocations. Biting and eye gouging was banned. There were no time limits or rounds, the contest ended when one of them couldn’t continue and they were to hold up one finger to display defeat (Carpenter) Horse chariot races were held in the Hippodrome, which is a stadium for horse/chariot racing. The Hippodrome was south of the main stadium. All the sports didn’t happen at the same time. The new contests came in an olympiad, a period of 4 years. It’s very similar to the modern day Olympics.…

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