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  • Savior Siblings Research Paper

    Savior Siblings I have chosen to write my research paper on the topic of savior siblings. A savior sibling is the selection of an embryo that can be used as a potential source of donor organs or cells for an older brother or sister with a life-threatening medical condition. These medical conditions mostly consist of cancer or Fanconi anemia. Fanconi anemia is a condition that affects many parts of the body, mostly bone marrow. This topic first became popular after Jodi Picoult’s novel, My Sister’s Keeper, was published in 2004. The novel is about a 10-year-old girl who sues her parents for medical freedom after she is expected to donate her kidney to her older sister, who is dying of leukemia. The subject of savior siblings is a very debatable one that many already suffering families have to face. When doing some research, I noticed that recent studies have shown that when a child is created to simply…

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  • Savior Siblings Essay

    will always be on the sick child rather than what is in the best interest of the savior sibling. This might lead to the latter being perpetually made the ‘sacrificial lamb’ even at the expense of his or her own development. Others argue that the savior sibling is a special creation of the parents and provides the means by which the second child lives, thus, the parents…

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  • How Does Anna Show Sympathy In My Sister's Keeper

    My Sister’s Keeper symbolizes sympathy, empathy, power and resilience. Anna shows sympathy towards Kate because she acknowledges the fact that she has leukemia cancer, and has a few months to live. When Anna was a baby her parents kept taking her body parts and donating it to Kate's body to keep her alive. For example, during trials her mother confessed to Campbell that she took lymphocytes from Anna's Body and transferred it to Kate’s body. At the same time, she also mentioned about taking…

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  • Holden As The Red Hunting Hat Analysis

    away” (Salinger 205). This quote portrays Holden’s hat as a very bright and vibrant red, which just happens to be the same color hair as his favorite siblings’ hair. Those siblings being Allie, who died of Leukemia and Phoebe. Whereas, the world as Holden sees it is not as much black and white, but more gray. Consequently, the hat demonstrates Holden being different and a genuine individual. Holden also puts the hat on and takes it off at certain times throughout the novel. The way he puts it on…

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  • Personal Essay: How My Family Have Made Me?

    They Made Me Jon Bielecki once said, “Your circle of influence dictates your path.” Throughout life many people come and go, but it is the people who stick around who have the largest impact on one’s life. As each day goes by I look at where I am in my life now, where I used to be, and where I want to be and must give credit to the influence my family has had on me. My mom, dad, and siblings have made me the person I am today and help me strive to be the best person I can be in the future. …

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  • Jeelous, By Stephen King

    for. I was sitting in the hospital waiting room, full of mixed feelings. Should I be nervous? Should I be excited? Was I ready for my life to be completely altered? It was questions like these that made my heart beat further and further out of my chest. I didn’t think it was possible to have anxiety at five years old. What if she becomes this menacing plague on our family or takes all my parents’ love and affection? What if these means I’m grown up? No more toys under the Christmas tree or eggs…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Wake Up Eddie, Wake Up

    Wake up Eddie, wake up. It’s past nine. You’re going to be late; I hear a fading voice inside my head from far apart. As I open my eyes I see my mom shaking my body to wake me up. I checked the clock hanging on the wall and it was nine past fifteen. I quickly jumped off my bed and ran towards the bathroom. When I came out my mom had a suit and pant with a nice tie ready for me for the day. How could you sleep-in in a day like today, my mom asked. I couldn’t fall asleep last night. The…

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  • An Essay About My Sisters

    freedom to explore the world, but for now they are still in high school and have not had the experience that the oldest of us have. My little sister, Olivia, never meets a stranger. Her personality is so outgoing and it shines through so much with her. She lights up rooms when she walks in and is so funny. Through this talent, Olivia has been offered many opportunities to act and sing in events that others of us have not. All of my sisters can sing, however she has done the most with her…

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  • Narrative Experience Of My Family

    I had to be patient in helping her learn because she was a child and needed someone to be there for her and help her develop. My mother did not have time to raise my siblings and I because when I was twelve my step father passed away. At this time my sister was about five and my brother was around two. This was a huge traumatic experience for my family because most people do not think that they will lose their parent as a child. It seemed impossible for someone to die so young, but it made…

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  • My Family Vacation : The Hot, Humid, And Sweltering Heat

    an extended family vacation to reunite after years of not seeing each other. My dad 's sister Kim and her family came the day after we arrived. They have not seen each other in about three to four years and this was a very emotional meeting for them. Two of her kids came with her, they were my cousins Mandy and Kennedy. They kind of look a like my dad and his sister, but they have different shades of skin tone. While my aunt still had hair, my dad had lost all of his. The very next day one of…

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