Dyan Blacklock's Use Of Imagery In The Novel 'Pankration'

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Pankration Essay By Zac G
Dyan Blacklock’s 1997 novel Pankration intrigues and engages the reader with its plot, characterisation, setting, theme and imagery. The plot is intriguing, exciting and unique, and doesn’t contain a dull moment. Blacklock is extremely good at detailing the realistic characters which paints a picture in the reader’s mind. The setting is unique though out the entire novel because of how well Blacklock’s uses commonly known objects. The great use of imagery in the novel Pankration helps the reader find out and better understand what is going on and how it looks like.
The plot created by Dyan Blacklock is intriguing and engaging because she
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She uses metaphors and similes to give the readers a sense of what is happening to the characters and what they are experiencing. This is apparent when she describes Gellius’ wounds. “By noon, the wounds were throbbing mercilessly the slightest touch on his right hand scorched like fire while his side felt open and raw.” This is saying his hand was hurting so much that it felt like it was on fire this is a good use of imagery because everyone know how it would extremely hurt by being burnt so it makes it more comprehendible for the average reader.
In conclusion I would recommend Dyan Blacklock’s 1997 Novel Pankration because of the well paced plot, and the extremely well detailed characters and use of characterization to make the reader enjoy the reading of the novel. Dyan blacklock is unique with how rich and detailed her setting in pankration are. Though out the entire novel of pankration it has multiple themes but the most outstanding one is the one about tiso and his self-sacrifice. The extremely well uses of imagery is outstanding because it help the reader truly comprehend what is looks and feels like to be in Nic’s

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