Imagery In Kingsolver's The Bean Trees

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Kingsolver's lyricism transforms the entire novel with her use of imagery. She appeals the reader by creating scenarios where she applies to the five senses. Doing so, writing about the scenes and characters helps to add to the novel. The imagery that she uses in her prose are as picturesque as the imagery found in poetry which makes use of figurative language to produce a lyrical and colorful novel.
A simile, a comparison using like or as, within the novel would be, “She didn’t miss the books so much as she was hurt by the ugly empty spaces left behind, like missing teeth.” (32). The comparison Kingsolver is trying to portray with the contrast of the missing books to the missing teeth is to show just how lonely Lou Ann feels when
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This quote is talking about how not everything you want is good for you. When a person wants something so badly that in the end what they desire the most is not the best thing for them in the end.
An example of personification within the novel The Bean Trees would be this quote, “We’d come to a place you would never expect to find in the desert: a little hideaway by a stream that had run all the way down from the mountains…where it jumped off a boulder.” (95). By using personification, which is giving human like qualities to a none human object, Kingsolver is able to describe the scenery and nature aspects surrounding the characters. Doing so Kingsolver is able to lead the reader to imagine what the landscape looks like by making nature seen human-like.
Barbra Kingsolver uses hyperboles, over exaggerations, a lot throughout the novel and by using such exaggeration it promote her work by making the novel appear laidback and humorous. A passage that illustrates this would be, “My mama said the Hardbines had kids just about as fast as they could fall down and drown.” (2). The amplification of this quote is used to get the point across, even though it is over exaggerated, that the Hardbines had an overabundance of

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