Palliative medicine

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  • Double Effect Case Study

    In regards to the Anna Pou case, I think that I would have made a similar decision with the information that Dr. Pou had at the time. In our textbook, it states that the remaining staff after Hurricane Katrina believed that “no further evacuation or help was coming to them (Pence 56).” Therefore, the staff decided to euthanize the remaining nine patients to avoid any unnecessary pain and suffering. Prior to making this decision, I would have contacted the administrators of Memorial Hospital and…

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  • Physician Assisted Suicide Disadvantages Essay

    Physician-assisted suicide (PAS) has been a heavily debated topic for more than 100 years. Critics and supporters, both have very strong opinions on the topic. Physician-assisted suicide, formerly known as active or voluntary euthanasia, is defined as purposely committing suicide with the aid of a physician (Fecio McDougall 1). The act is usually performed through a lethal dose of medication. The medication may be administered by the individual or someone other than the physician; however, the…

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  • Oncology Personal Statement

    attention to small details. Although these qualities are useful for a doctor, I have never been certain about a career in medicine until last year where a lesson on the cell cycle sparked my interest in oncology.The immense challenges within the course and the profession have made me think thoroughly about the decision; spending a week in a hospital certainly encouraged me to do medicine as a career. During my week of work experience, I was able to spend a day in the oncology department where…

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  • Personal Experience: Pursuing My Interest In Nursing

    The field of Nursing and Medicine never failed to capture my interest although my initial interest came from observing the nurses providing care for my grandfather while he was in hospice care. The nurses that provided care for my grandfather showed great passion and zeal for their job and in those moments, I hoped to be able to provide the same comfort as the nurses I observed. The nurses’ attitudes and passion gave me a great sensation of comfort as I knew my grandfather was in good hands.…

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  • Summary Of Improvizing Medicine By Julie Livingston

    In the realm of medical anthropology, Julie Livingston’s Improvising Medicine stands as a poignant ethnography that examines the growing cancer crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa from the view of the oncology ward in Princess Marina Hospital (PMH) in Gaborone, Botswana. A professor at New York University, Julie Livingston is a medical historian who combines her training in anthropology and public health to evaluate medicine in Botswana with an emotional analysis, depicting a view of physical suffering…

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  • Role Of Mortality In Home Care

    of the last century, most people in America did not live past the age of 65. The primary cause of death in those years was infectious disease that struck suddenly and killed quickly. Over the next 100 years, advances in hygiene, vaccinations, and medicine, in general, changed the entire equation. It is now common for people to live into their eighties and beyond. Acute infection is seldom fatal and most seniors now succumb to chronic disease, instead. According to the National Institute on…

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  • Medical Reductionism

    During the 18th century around the time when bedside medicine shifted to hospital medicine and then consequently laboratory medicine, Nicholas Jewson wrote a paper that addresses the issue of how this shift affected the doctor-patient relationship, that ultimately the patient has disappeared in the equation. The tone of the paper suggested that the disappearance of the sick-man (as a catalyst that began the reductionism in medicine) would lead medicine in the wrong direction, somewhere…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Sorafenib Tosylate

    The patented invention is Sorafenib Tosylate (ST), a palliative medicine for hepato-cellular carcinoma and renal cell carcinoma and affects a very small percentage of the population (Kurian 2011, p. 13351). The drug is administered only on prescription and supervision of oncologists and the patients are at stage IV of the disease and the drug admittedly improves the quality of life in the last months of the afflicted ones. CL is one of the major flexibilities allowed under the WTO agreement on…

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  • Reflective Essay On Nursing Education

    this assignment required thoughtful preparation that resulted in an educational experience for myself the student. Listening intently to the Institute of Medicine released report 10/05/10 video (HTTP:// future of nursing-leading-change-advancing health.aspx) lead to excitement for me as a nurse. The Institute of Medicine report discussed the Future of Nursing: Leading change, Advancing Health. I was very surprised to learn that there were at least three million nurses in…

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  • Ayurveda Essay

    the life is very fast and much of the people are subject to mental stress and this lead to various problems. Ayurveda can play a great role here and finds solutions for all these problems. Many diseases that cannot be cured by any other branches of medicine can be cured by Ayurveda. It not only includes treatment of diseases but also provides valuable informations required to lead and health7y…

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