Life Quality Factors In Palliative Care

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Within this section I will be describing how the life quality factors (LQF) and caring skills are being provided for children by nurses and doctors working on a paediatric palliative care unit. I will also look at possible ways in which children may be treated negatively by the different job roles found on the wards and the potential barriers that might prevent the children from being treated well.
How the palliative care unit meets children’s life quality factors
1. Occupation – Occupation is important within a paediatric ward to ensure that children in care on the ward are distracted in their state. Patients can be in an enjoyable environment while still receiving their care. Wards often provide television services (Often
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Autonomy & Choice – Autonomy and choice is when the patient is required to make a choice based on what they may think. This is important within wards because patients may need to make choices for their treatment plans which are suited to the patient. Patients are required to make choices by themselves so they remain free of external influences. Other choices within wards are minor (E.g. Choosing what they want to eat)

➢ Patients have to make choices themselves based on what they believe is best for them
➢ In paediatric wards the parents of the patient are often consulted if the patient is too young

Examples of autonomy & choice in healthcare;
1) Deborah has several options in her treatment plan; the doctor sits her down to discuss each option. The meeting is confidential and Deborah must make a choice based on what she thinks may be best with the doctors input.
2) Susanna is given the option to choose what she will eat through the day. What she chooses can be adapted to her lifestyle

5. Equitable Treatment – Equitable treatment is healthcare provided without discrimination. This is important to make sure all UK citizens receive fair and equal treatment without judgement based on sexuality, race or skin colour. All UK citizens have a right to free healthcare provided by the NHS.

➢ Care is provided to all UK citizens no matter what

Examples of equitable treatment in
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Approval - Approval is the belief that something is acceptable, Approval is important within hospitals and wards as it is meant to show that these wards and hospitals include good healthcare facilities. Approval signals that hospitals have the best possible care for people who need it and that the hospital features (E.g. Cleanliness, Staff, and Facilities) are all at an acceptable

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