Hospice Palliative Care Goals

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Goal #1: Relate your goal to the competencies indicated under each standard.
I want to build on my pre-existing knowledge from past classes to develop my own principles of hospice palliative care that correlate with me to incorporate it in my practice.
Measurable Outcome (s): (How will you and others know when you have reached your goal?)
This is measurable by creating my own principles of hospice palliative care by completing the strategies I have listed. I will seek for feedback from my peers, and instructor through class discussions and assignments. I will evaluate myself through reflections and revising my principles list.
Achievable: What will you need to do, and what sources of knowledge and resources. Needs to be feasible & easy to
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I will review principles of hospice palliative care principles from previous weekly class readings. I will review and analyze components of my interview with a palliative physician to identify any prevalent themes and ideas that resonate with my values and beliefs regarding hospice palliative care. I will review nursing theories (e.g. Humanistic Nursing Theory, Human Becoming Theory, etc.) to help establish my own values and beliefs to influence my principles of hospice palliative care. I will continually revise my principles so that I can implement it within my practice.
This is a realistic goal because I want to develop my own principles of hospice palliative care that resonate with me to provide safe, competent, compassionate, ethical care to clients using my pre-existing knowledge, and new knowledge I will gain from this elective palliative
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I have gone into practice not having knowledge or experience about the dying process without being aware of my own feelings, values, beliefs, and thoughts. It leaves one unprepared and unable to perform to the best of one’s abilities. Therefore, I believe that one needs to understand oneself in order to be grounded and in return be competent in caring for others. The barrier to accomplishing this goal is that I need to care for a client experiencing hospice palliative care measures in order to see if my personal values and experiences influence the way I care for these

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