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  • College Basketball: The One And Done Rule

    basketball player only stays for a year and then leaves for the NBA, should be thrown out. They believe that the players should have to stay at least two years in college and get a degree. The One and Done Rule is ultimately harmful to student athletes and the university because it forces college teams to completely rebuild their roster on an annual basis, playing only one year of college basketball does not prepare the players for the NBA, and the players won’t have a college degree on which to…

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  • Student Athletes: The Benefits Of Playing Basketball

    Association known as the NBA. Some of these players, who tend to have very special talents playing basketball, actually are gifted enough to play professionally right out of high school. Their goal is to get to NBA as quickly as possible, but they have to play at least one year at the collegiate level. Many different things can happen within this year. It can either help or hurt their draft stock, can face an injury playing at the collegiate level, and many kids rely on going to the NBA to take…

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  • Case Study: Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

    What if you did not get paid for the work that you've done while others profited greatly on you and your work for them? That is the case for college athletes. The issue is that NBA prospects should have an option to declare for the NBA draft. Although basketball players may be more mature through going to college, the NBA should allow players to be able to be drafted out of high school due to NCAA violations, maximizing financial potential and injuries. To start the NCAA violations that I am…

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  • College Basketball Research Paper

    many years a player has to stay in school. For all other major sports it is a three year minimum that you have to stay in college, however basketball is different. NBA created a rule that made it to where high school players couldn’t enroll in the NBA draft until one year after high school. You can go to: college, play overseas, or the NBA development league. The most common route for these top high school players is to go to a top college basketball program,…

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  • Shaq Research Paper

    On March 6, 1972 in the small town of Newark, New Jersey Shaquille Rashaun O’Neal was born. Also known as Shaq. Shaq grew up with his mother Lucille O'Neal for most of his childhood. Unfortunately his father was put in prison when Shaq was a baby for the possession of illegal drugs. There was something special about Shaq. When he was growing up around the age of 13 he was 6’6” tall and wore size 17 shoes. Shaq grew up tall and took it to the court. In high school they knew Shaq was going to be…

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  • Evolution Of College Basketball

    The NBA is a prominent renowned sport across the globe being televised by all shapes and sizes from our smartphone, TV, and computer. Due to it’s access and it’s popularity around the world, we can witness the Golden State Warriors orchestrate their playmaking ability to create an open shot. However, the basketball world wasn’t alike back in their heydays acquiring a meager amount of deals in order to televise their games. In addition, having only 17 teams during the birth of the NBA. But, due…

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  • Allen Iverson Biography

    Lebron James had all eyes on him his entire basketball career since high school. This is a lot of pressure for a 15 year old player but not for Lebron James. When Lebron graduated high school, he went straight to the NBA draft where he was selected with the Number 1 pick in the NBA draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers. The irony of this? Lebron James was actually from Ohio. “James, 31, who was born in Akron and played for St. Vincent-St. Mary High School.” (Emily Bamforth) From the day Lebron was…

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  • The Benefits Of College Basketball

    If you follow college basketball closely you will know of the one and done rule that plagues players and college universities. If you have never heard of this rule it basically states that any player wanting to go into the NBA must first complete one year of college. According to Alex Berg of USA Today, the NCAA has drifted away further than ever from the literal meaning of student-athletes. Now, high-profile basketball players are being treated as guests(Berg). This can cause the university 's…

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  • NBA Salary Cap Research Paper

    In today’s economic system, money has played an enormous role in the National Basketball Association. Over the years, many team owners have debated if the the NBA should have a salary cap. Salary caps exist in most sport leagues and are one of several mechanisms that allow the billionaire team owners to collectively control and suppress the wages of the athletes. The National Basketball Association must continue to have a salary cap for many reasons such as talent distribution and competitive…

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  • Comparison Between Michael Jordan And Lebron James

    Michael Jordan are both NBA legends acknowledged to ever play in the game, but both players hold contrasts and similarities in their basketball career. There are many people who believe LeBron will later be greater than Jordan. Since the age of eighteen, LeBron James is currently still putting in hard work in his legendary career. At the age of thirty, LeBron James has played twelve seasons, won two NBA championships with the Miami Heat, four MVP awards, and has five NBA final appearances.…

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