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  • West Side Story Analysis

    Released in 1961, West Side Story highlights the lives of two teenage street gangs in the Upper West Side of Manhattan: the Sharks and the Jets. Through the form of a musical, the movie explores their rivalry as well as the hate that can stem from racism and discrimination. Within this feud, two characters drive the events of the story, and as each part comes together, West Side Story reveals itself as a literary tragedy. A literary tragedy consists of five major structural parts, starting with…

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  • Happy Ending Analysis

    What device does almost everyone in their everyday lives use? What, to both CEO’s of million-dollar company’s and stay home moms, is useful? It is not an iPhone; it is a rubric; either in paper form or imaginary form. With a rubric, working through decisions are easier. Fair grades or critiques of activities, leaders, ideas, homework, etc. is the main use. Of course the rubric changes according to what is being graded, but the inspiration is the same. Several important, yet simple aspects of…

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  • Textual Analysis In Texts

    The purpose of textual analysis is to describe the content, structure, and functions of the messages contained in texts. (Frey, L., Botan, C., & Kreps, G., 1999). Textual analysis of a screenplay requires observing all the elements that create meaning within the piece. Based on true events 99 Homes skilfully tells one fictional story that speaks for thousands of true ones. (Persall, 2015) It tells the story of Dennis (Andrew Garfield) an unemployed single dad that loses his house where he…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis: Songs From The Barrio

    “ I will tell you something about stories, they aren't just for entertainment. They are all we have, you see… you don't have anything if you don't have the stories” (Leslie Marmon). Storytelling plays a major role in sharing the importance of series of events that have occurred to the narrator. Richard Rios, a retired English and Chicano Studies teacher wrote Songs From The Barrio: A Coming of Age in Modesto, CA. In the book, the author argues that he lived in a concoction between two different…

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  • Revenge Theme In The Crucible

    Throughout any piece of literature one or more themes are presented in the story. A theme is a topic or an underlying message throughout the text. Authors, like Arthur Miller, present themes through major characters' actions, their thoughts, dialogue, and character motivations. Stories have a theme to help the readers relate and to connect to their characters and to maintain the story's soul. One of the thematic ideas of The Crucible is that intimidation, dishonesty, and revenge can lead to…

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  • Identity In Oedipus The King

    Identification is the process known as finding oneself, or discovering the things that make up a persons personality or self. Ones origins, past present and future are the determining factors of becoming who one is. Two Known stories that use the process of exploring their inner self, through out the their stories are, Oedipus the King, as well as Dante’s story Inferno Canto . Both stories show a great depiction that portrays the effort of finding oneself. As Oedipus yearns to search for…

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  • The Bicycle Thieves: Film Analysis

    For this writing workshop, I will use three critical approaches to discuss the film, The Bicycle Thieves (De Sica, 1948). Of the six approaches, I chose the “National Cinemas”, “Auteur”, and “Ideology” approaches. The “National Cinemas” approach to analyzing film takes into account the culture and national characteristics that influence how a narrative is filmed. To understand and fully appreciate a film, one must understand the historical and cultural conditions that surround it. The writer…

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  • Human Emotions In Swann's Way By Marcel Proust

    In Swann’s Way, Marcel Proust portrays how human senses are always indirect, and human emotions circulate through the fact. Proust demonstrates this phenomenon various times in his novel, and the indirect sensory experiences and the circulation of emotions are always in correlations with each other. This can be observed from various passages in his novel. When the narrator falls in love with Swann’s daughter Gilberte, he does not love ‘her’ exactly; but loves the Gilberte he himself created (pg.…

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  • The Blind Side Character Analysis

    1. The definition of character as it relates to literature is a person, animal or creature that takes part in the action of a story, play or other literary work. To demonstrate I chose the movie The Blind Side and the main character Michael Oher. After completing the descriptions of the types of characters listed I had to go back and add more to Michael's character. When I first wrote the paper all I saw was that Michael was the main character in the story, he is the character the story is…

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  • Symbolism In Two Kinds By Amy Tan And Julia Alvarez

    In literature, a literary device known as symbolism is used to convey an idea about a subject, person, or place. In the works of Amy Tan and Julia Alvarez, symbolism is influential throughout their stories. The story of ¡Yo! is a great example of how well Alvarez converts the symbol of a haunting folklore to a real-life terror. Although the story of ¡Yo! takes place in the United States, it tells the story of a family that escapes from The Dominican Republic during the time of a terrifying wave…

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