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  • Analysis Of The Musical Rent

    the musical was created in the hopes of representing the minute bohemian culture of New York City at the end of the 20 century who were confronted with impoverishment, HIV and homosexuality. Going against traditional musical theatre…

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  • The Enchantress: American Musical Theatre

    composer was his Suite for Cello and Orchestra, Op.3. Herbert’s works were known for their mix of European Romanticism and American Tradition. He also worked as the composer of the first original background film score for The Fall of A Nation. Today he is know as one of the big names in American Musical Theater. The Enchantress (1911) (lyrics written by Fred de Gresac and Harry B. Smith, music by Victor Herbert) follows the story of the prima donna Vivien Savary (originally…

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  • Dziga Vertov's Theory Of Montage In Cinema

    this second shot has been recorded elsewhere or in another time. Like in symphonic music, with recurrent themes and patterns declined over the length of the musical piece, intervals in cinema enable to create plays of rimes and echoes, not only within a single film, but also in a whole cinematic production. Using the metaphor of music, film intervals could be used as gaps…

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  • The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz And The Wicked Witch Of The West

    Schwartz is known for participating in the production of shows like Pippin (1972), which is known for containing the song Corner of the Sky. Then, Schwartz worked on the Baker´s Wife (1976), which is based on the French film La Femme du Boulanger. Besides being involved in musicals, Schwartz has also made songs for movies. A clear reference is his participation in Pocahontas (1995).…

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  • The Four Anthems In Cyndi Lauper's Kinky Boots Musical

    Kinky Boots is a musical directed and choreographed by Jerry Mitchell, music and lyrics by Cyndi Lauper and written by Harvey Fierstein. It is based on a true story. The medium in this music would be the performers, the chorus/music and stage. Kinky Boots musical was first premiered in Chicago in 2012. While we saw it in London, it was first premiered in London on September 15th, 2015. The musical is about a man who just lost his father and he is trying to save his father’s shoe business. He…

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  • Tin Pan Alley Case Study

    way musicals developed. Edward Harrigan and Tony Hart were two…

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  • Juke Box Musical Analysis

    The musical has gone through many changes in its lifetime. Its has been developed, explored and performed in millions of theatres around the world. But what really are the foundations of the art form itself? All of the three elements are really important, but there is one that stands out and has changed the most. That would be the music. The music has served the musical in many ways. It serves the characters extended feelings of fulfillment and gives the audience something to hum out of the…

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  • Elf The Broadway Musical Analysis

    On November 10 I attended Elf the Broadway Musical written by David Berrenbaum and directed by Sam Scalamoni. I attended Elf the Broadway Musical which was put on by Texas A&M University and MSC OPAS. Elf the Broadway Musical was a comedic musical that appealed to audience members of any ages including a range from myself a college student to the family of four sitting next to me. Elf the Broadway Musical was a delight surprise, since I had seen Elf (film) I expected the play to appeal more to a…

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  • American Composers: John Cage's Music Of Change

    John Cage was an American composer that experimented with the very nature of sound and developed new ways of notating music. Cage’s ideas on composition influenced many artists such as painters, musicians, and chorographers. Cage questioned the musical preconceptions that was left from the 19th century. Arnold Schoenberg, a teacher of John Cage, called Cage “not a composer, but an inventor of genius” (Hicks, 1990). Many musicians, and to much of the public, thought Cage’s compositions…

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  • Appalachian Spring Film Analysis

    and made a substantial impact on the dance world. In finding sources to apply towards researching World War II’s influence on Appalachian Spring (1944), I immediately went to YouTube. The iconic film of Appalachian Spring is a great tool to use when looking at the choreography, set, costumes, and musical score. The set, designed by Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988) is very simple, but is highlighted by it’s functionality of one side of an exterior wall, a bench, fencing, a wooden chair, and a slanted…

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