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  • Vittoria Mio Core Musical Analysis

    most celebrated masters of the early Baroque or, more accurately, the Roman School of music. Carissimi established the characteristic features of the Latin oratorio and was a prolific composer of motets and cantatas. He was highly influential in musical developments in north European countries through his pupils and the wide dissemination of his music. “Vittoria, mio core” is a Baroque Italian song written by Giacomo Carissimi, taking its text from a poem by Domenico Benigni. Translating to…

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  • Summary Of The Movie 'Grease'

    When I think of Grease, I picture the 1978 comedy music and teen film that could always get me to sing along. Grease first stated when it became a musical by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey with additional songs written by John Farrar in 1971. It was actually named after the 1950s United States working class youth subculture known as greasers. The musical was set in 1959 at fictional Rydell High School where a group of teens learn the complexities of friendship, romance and adventures. It also takes…

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  • Miranda's Rhetorical Situation Analysis

    and on grow into more of a phenomenon? Lin Manuel Miranda changed Broadway in 2015 with his musical Hamilton. Inspired by a biography by Ron Chernow about the life of Alexander Hamilton, Miranda went to work on what might be the most influential musical of the decade. Miranda, in creating his work, had to work through the constraints, find the exigence, and establish the audience for writing a Broadway musical while also making it original and inimitable. With clever casting and even better…

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  • South Pacific Themes

    without fighting in a monumental war, we find a battle, and we only need to look inward to find it. Often times the battles fought within are amongst the greatest, most trying conflicts, as they are against the self. This battle is apparent in the musical South Pacific, where blurred battle lines of racism prove more troubling than the prospect of fighting for one’s country. The dynamic duo of Richard Rodgers (composer) and Oscar Hammerstein II (lyrics) bring to mind countless nostalgic…

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  • Differences Between Blake And Sissle

    began performing in Vaudeville acts where they created the act Shuffle Along. Shuffle along was a huge success both colored and the white audiences made sure to follow the sensational show. The work of Blake and Sissle inspired a lot of the new black musicals and revues that were coming into Broadway. 9. George Gershwin is a very hardworking energetic and talented composer. In 1919 Gershwin got the chance to work for George White, White…

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  • Rent: Musical Analysis

    production, Rent, is a rock musical that is based on a group of distressed artists having a hard time striving in the days of Alphabet City with HIV/AIDS constraining their lives. The original playwright, Billy Aronson, came up with the musical as a renewal of the opera La Bohemia of 1988. Aronson collaborated with Jonathan Larson, a playwright and composer, and created one of the most popular Broadway musicals to date. I watched and experienced a production of this musical at California State…

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  • George Gershwin: A Brief Biography

    The song was from the Broadway hit musical "Sinbad" and gave George an overwhelming amount of success and fame (The Editors of Encyclopedia). By the age of 20, George had already made a name for himself in the classical music world and Broadway music. What came next was his most famous piece of work on Broadway, "Porgy and Bees". The play is about the lifestyle of African-Americans in 1912 in South Carolina (The Editors of Encyclopedia). George started to get musical inspiration from the…

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  • The Unsinkable Molly Brown Analysis

    was known for writing the book, music, and lyrics for the hit Broadway musical The Music Man. Meredith was considered as a landmark musical of the 1950’s. He was always active as a musical director and composer, writing dozens of musical programs a week. He wrote two other musical plays, including The Unsinkable Molly Brown(1964). Both “The Music Man” and his other major hit show, “The Unsinkable Molly Brown”, were made into films. “The Music Man” which Willson said was “an Iowan’s attempt to…

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  • Rodger And Hammerstein's Stage Musical Analysis

    partnership in American musical theatre. Both men were very well established and successful Broadway writers, Hammerstein was mainly associated with writing musicals with Jerome Kern and Rodger’s was doing the same with Lorenz Hart. The two joined together and were the perfect combination; Hammerstein wrote the lyrics and sent it to Rodger’s who then set it to music. The first Rodger’s & Hammerstein musical was Oklahoma! the play representing a unique fusion of Rodgers’ musical comedy and…

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  • Jazz Music: Music Analysis

    to this particular genre. The process of musical expression begins in the mind, then through the appendages and instrument before released into the air. In an improvisation class conducted by maestro vibraphonist Gary Burton, he equates playing an instrument to speaking.…

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