Differences Between Blake And Sissle

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The songwriting team of songwriter Eubie Blake and Lyricist Noble Sissle were the ones who found success with shuffle along. Blake was born and raised in Baltimore. Blake had a religious mother but a drunken father. Blake began by performing hymns in church to later preforming at clubs and later Blake joined Sissle as a “Hell fighter member. Later the pair began performing in Vaudeville acts where they created the act Shuffle Along. Shuffle along was a huge success both colored and the white audiences made sure to follow the sensational show. The work of Blake and Sissle inspired a lot of the new black musicals and revues that were coming into Broadway.

9. George Gershwin is a very hardworking energetic and talented composer. In 1919 Gershwin got the chance to work for George White, White
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Lyricists Lew Brown and B.G. DeSylva along with composer Ray Henderson were a very talented triplet songwriting crew. The thing that made this crew’s songs very successful was in the 1920’s for most of the college students it was all about vigor, excitement and most importantly youth. Brown, DeSylva and Henderson turned these examples into a popular divertissement. The team was very successful in appealing to the younger crowd that’s why they were so successful and for many years to come they transformed some of the popular fads into comical musical scenarios.

11. Rodgers and Hart were two very talented musical songwriters with different personalities, Rogers was businesses minded and focused meanwhile Hart was a talented unreliable drunk. Some of the popular songs that the pair wrote are “We can’t be good as last year” and “Mountain Greenery”, well as writing 18 scores that included both musicals and revues in New York. Rodgers and Harts song were usually clever and heartwarming and incorporated some type of rhyme scheme. Rodgers and Hart had one simple rule that they followed which was not to have a formula, or never duplicate anything that you did in the

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