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  • Troy Bolton: High School Musical

    The character that I critically analyzed is Troy Bolton, from the High School Musical franchise. Troy is portrayed as the high school hunk, as he is the captain of the basketball team, a heartthrob that the girls admire and want to be with, and an idol to the other boys who strive to be as cool as him. Not only is Troy represented as a teenage jock, but he also has a passion for performing in musicals, which contrasts and contradicts many of the theories we have studied in this course. Troy’s…

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  • What Is The Theme Of Singin In The Rain

    As a teacher of a film course I would choose the film Singin’ in the Rain as an excellent and important film for my students to view. Singin’ in the Rain was produced in 1952 and was directed by Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen. The film is a musical set in the late 1920s when films begin to transfer from silent to sound. The film has amazing visual effects especially for its time, with bright colors, flashy costumes, extravagant stages, and wonderful lighting effects. The film contains an excellent…

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  • Analysis Of Shostakovich's Song Of The Forests Op. 81

    Shostakovich composed the oratorio Song of the Forests op. 81 after he knew Stalin’s Great Nature Transformation Plan from poet Yevgeny Dolmatovsky (1915-1994) around the spring of 1949 when they were on the Red Arrow train from Moscow to Leningrad. Owing to the fact that they had already had a collaboration in the past, Shostakovich asked Dolmatovsky to write the poems for the oratorio. After Dolmatovsky completed the poems, Shostakovich composed the music for the poems during the summer of…

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  • What Are The Factors That Contribute To An Ensemble Sound?

    There are many factors that contribute to an ensembles’ sound. Most of which we spend our musical lives practicing; things like tone, vowels, diction, ect. As we begin to make the transition from ensemble member to leader we are thrown yet another contributing factor to sound: conducting. The art of conducting is a continuously growing set of skills for an individual. Many of the greatest conductors have spent decades perfecting their craft and creating their style, while building their…

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  • Violin And The Classical Era

    The Renaissance period was the birth of the violin, and it became introduced to the musical realm through dance and folk music. Violins had a massive transitional period during the Classical era, which gave the violin its standard shape and composers such as Beethoven and Haydn used them extensively throughout their music. The Modern period…

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  • Analysis Of The Architectonic Idea In Hanslik Is Nature

    before art, it is the supplies of art, the crude elements which man transforms for a musical note. True music is created with an element to please to ear, as that is the channel that we experience music through. True music is not found in nature as we furnished with material for the production of material. Nature is the primary…

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  • Spamalot Musical Theatre Analysis

    There is a line in the musical Spamalot where Sir Robin sings to King Arthur; “In any great adventure, if you don 't want to lose ... you won 't succeed on Broadway if you don 't have any Jews!" (PBS, Broadway Musicals). If you can look past the sweeping generalization, Sir Robin’s surprising lyric turns out to be very true about musicals. Historians have recognized that Jewish immigrant culture heavily influenced the content of musical theatre when it was popularized in America during the early…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Four Passions In The Classroom

    Learning in my classroom is the combination of acquired skills (critical thinking, singing in tune, and good string technique) and the development of a learner’s character. I know I have taught a student successfully when the student has developed a musical skill,…

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  • Of Mice And Men: A Comparative Analysis

    “Of Mice and Men” was also adapted to theater in both The States (2014) and Spain (2012). The Broadway version is something which caused a ripple of fame for director, Anna D. Shapiro. Spanish director Miguel del Arco presented his version of the novel as a play in Madrid in 2012, where it was also surrounded by amazing reviews. One might wonder how such a short novel could have inspired a chain of successful interpretations all over the world, but the answer lies in the simplicity and…

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  • Fairchild Theatre Concert Report

    This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Artist-Faculty Recital Series at the Fairchild Theatre on MSU 's Campus. The concert featured a multitude of pieces ranging from the Baroque and Classical music periods to modern day compositions. Several of the pieces were played in a piano-trombone basso continuo and the last piece was played by a trombone choir with two featured soloists. Going into the concert I did not know what to expect. I had listened to classical music in my MUS…

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