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  • Strayer-Wood Theater Analysis

    switched to worry when I became aware of the creative changes the cast and crew were taking. Even with my worried about the effectiveness of the delivery of the musicals moral, I did my best to attend the performance with an open mind, and not compare UNI’s production to any other performance. By just experiencing the first few minutes of the musical I was clear to me that it was a college production. Each character had a depth and purpose unlike what typical high school…

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  • Analysis Of Singin In The Rain

    the film and television industry. To help achieve this I will be focusing on musical genre in Hollywood by analysing the following clip shown of ‘Singin’ in the rain: Good Morning’. This clip shows how the musical conforms by having general conventions of the genre and also shows the development of Hollywood musicals and it’s importance to genre in a particular time period. Musicals had become an essential to Hollywood as by the middle of 1929, 25 percent of films in production were musicals.…

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  • Singin In The Rain Analysis

    by saying Singin’ in the Rain is hands down one of my favorite musicals and that my opinion of this film is probably highly biased. Singin’ in the Rain is a classic movie that has a great appeal and I think one way the film achieves greatness is through its effective use of color. It’s not an overly vibrant film but the use of bright colors throughout the film emphasizes the glamour of Hollywood, which is a large component of this film. The colors also add a dreamlike sense to the movie, which I…

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  • Fred Ebb Research Paper

    stage musical, Golden Gate was never produced, it did convince producer Harold Prince to hire them for his Flora, the Red Menace, a satire of bohemian culture and radical politics based on Lester Atwell's novel "Love is Just Around the Corner". Kander and Ebb's next collaboration continued with 1966's Cabaret, a brilliant examination of fascism in pre-war Berlin. It rocketed the duo to massive critical and commercial success, receiving seven Tony awards (including Best Musical) and an film…

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  • An Analysis Of Everybody Ought To Have A Maid By Sondheim

    is an interesting musical, in that it is a musical that is markedly different from most of Sondheim's other works. "Everybody Ought to Have a Maid" is a good example of a silly song that Sondheim wrote without any particular reason, other than for the audience's amusement. Though the song does add humor, it is not necessary to the musical, overall, and it would likely be just as good without it. Its melody is memorable enough, but it does not contain any truly revolutionary musical compositions…

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  • Racism And Sexism In The West Side Story

    West Side Story is a romantic musical film, that is compared to a ‘ Romeo and Juliet’ story. The musical explores a wide variety of themes. Some of the main themes include racism, sexism and loyalty. These themes are still relevant today however, they may be different to us. The choreographer uses dance throughout wisely, to help get different points across. Racism is one of the main themes throughout and shapes a lot of the film. The two sides Sharks and Jets, Sharks ( Puerto Ricans), Jets (…

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  • Singing In The Rain Satire

    Singing in the Rain is “backstage” musical filled with comedy, songs and romance that was released in 1951 but set in the late 1920’s. It was one of the last films to be produced during the profitable golden age of the studio system. The film employs the typical characteristics a Hollywood musical by relying on superstar names and contagious dance numbers. The movie incorporates an additional level of parody into its wistful plot that is centered on the disruptive shift from silent movies to…

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  • Hairspray By John Waters: Scene Analysis

    In This film, John Waters utilizes formalistic criteria, however it's basis is that of a real life example of what he remembers as a teenager. This style was the mis-en-scene, which was evident in the beginning as the title credits rolled and theme song played("Hairspray" by Rachel Sweet with Deborah Harry). Each Corny Collins' character has a 1960s style – big hair, stylish suits and dresses, and some classical-like music to dance to. Every shot within the title sequence focuses mainly on the…

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  • Hairspray: Musical Analysis

    In the musical production Hairspray, there were various differences in acting styles, technical elements, and demands of the actor in comparison to plays in general. With Hairspray being a movie that I had watched on Netflix, it was obviously not live and this also contributes to the differences of going to an actual live production in a theater. These differences help us distinguish between the realities of the products of a musical and the products of a play. Hairspray’s acting styles were…

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  • Country Band March Analysis

    dance film called “Honey” and within this film I experienced an entire collection of musical compositions. Varying from hip-hop to jazz to even ballet. The vast majority of the musical compositions were positioned in such a way that it became a requirement for the story line in order for it to be achieved accurately. However, the vast minorities of the musical compositions were needed to accentuate the mood and setting that the story line was originated for. As you can observe, each musical…

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