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  • Jesus Christ Superstar Analysis

    In an article about Musicals and Hollywood’s adaptation of the musical there was a chart that had a list of the names of the main characters that were in the musical. “The main characters that were in the musical were Jesus, played by Jeff Fenholt, Judas, played by Ben Vereen, Mary Magdalene, played by Yvonne Elliman, Heriod, played by Paul Ainsley, and Pontius Pilate…

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  • The Influence Of Richard Rodgers's Involvement In Music

    Your Toes (1940). After Hart’s death, Rodgers collaborated with Oscar Hammerstein II. They wrote ten musicals, the most famous being Oklahoma (1943) and The King and I (1951). five of these ten were some of the longest-running, biggest-grossing broadway musicals ever. Although his shows were different from normal, his work enriched and broadened the genre. Oscar Hammerstein II was born into a musical and theatrical family. He started playing piano at age nine. When he went to university, he…

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  • Modern Music Challenges

    to be able to quickly pick up on other styles. That’s part of what we do as composers in film and TV.” In addition, Garry had a tight schedule and fast turnaround for composing music for each show. Since new episodes premiered every week, the show’s composers would have little time to write and record the music for the upcoming episodes. “With films, you can get from six to twelve weeks to score the entire film and be done. TV is the tightest of all the schedules,” Garry explains, “You usually…

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  • Oklahoma State University Symphony Orchestra Concert Report Sample

    concert, I was an amateur, listener to this type of music. I had never witnessed a live performance of this musical style before. I would consider myself to be a passive listener. I listened to the performance with great effort and tried to pick out detail. Due to my lack of knowledge before participating in this course, I was unable to precisely, dissect and have full understanding of all the musical detail displayed. I feel that this experience exposed and enhanced…

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  • The Phantom Of The Opera Musical

    of the Opera Musical A musical is a work of art that involves the use of various songs during the production of films, television shows, and stage performances. Kenrick, John states that these types of productions usually aim at telling a story as in the case of a book or novel musicals while others are often focused on showcasing the talents and abilities of the writers as well as the performers. There have been many musicals since the beginning of time. Nonetheless, for a musical that aired…

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  • Hollywoo: The Difference In Broadway Demographics

    There was a time, before sound was introduced to film and culture was hand picked for society, when stars were born and bred on the stage. Actors who grew an understanding of their craft by clocking in rehearsal hours, feeding off an audience during live performances, and praying to the right gods, were signed on for a starring role in a film: an advancement in their career. Today, the craft of acting and the medium in which an actor is showcased have changed landscapes and the up-and-coming…

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  • Fiddle On The Roof Analysis

    Genre: American musical 2. Composer: Jerry Bock 3. Lyrical content: the balance between old cultural traditions and new ones as the world advances at the turn of the 20th century 4. Tessitura 5. Harmony: Simple, but steady tempo 6. Orchestration: horn, trumpet 1, 2, 3 : trombone : accordion : guitar : percussion : 3 violin A-B-C : viola : cello : bass 7. Texture: Simple melody, rich harmony in voice 8. How the music is used in the film: The…

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  • What Role Did Alan Menken Play In The 1990's

    recalled by musical pieces, including passionate and in depth lyrics. Alan Menken's played a crucial role in the Disney Renaissance in the 1990’s.He not only produced over multimillion dollar musical hits, but also contributed to the idea of letting the music guide viewers with emotions and understanding a character's action.Therefore, the most influential musician is Alan Menken. Alan Menken was the first to successfully introduce the idea of transforming Broadway Musicals into animation…

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  • Stephen Sondheim Annotated Bibliography

    become almost synonymous with musical theater. Since his breakout role as the lyricist for West Side Story, which opened in 1957, Sondheim has gone on to contribute music and lyrics to shows such as Into the Woods, Sweeny Todd and Gypsy. His works earned him a total of eight Grammy Awards, one Academy Award, a Pulitzer Prize and eight Tony Awards, more than any other composer. Considering the span of his career, Stephen Sondheim is on of the most influential figures in musical theater.…

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  • Mazeppa's. 100 Essay

    characteristics of an animated character representing bouncy ball and make it look peaceful, scared, happy, sad or angry (Fig 2). Fig 2. Paradigm. Participants manipulated five slider bars corresponding to five dynamic features to create either animations or musical clips that expressed different emotions. (Source: National Academy of Sciences 2013) One half of the participants in the study, from both Cambodia and America, could use the slider bars…

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